[Reasearch] Reasons not to buy/build Esk8

Hello, I need you guys opinion on why you might not want to buy or make esk8. more the better, it is not to diss the esk8 or community. Thank you

I will start first.

  1. there are better means of tranportation as electric bike or scooter. they are often cheaper and stable and easy to learn (yes I know it is very debatable)

  2. Akward body position

  3. Speed Wable vs turning radius

4.Road of pot hole

  1. people call you casey neistat

edit: I really didn’t mean to say esk8 is bad but I’m trying to squeezing out the negativities. if you disagree with the reason I put feel free to say anything,

  1. No reason
  1. Better means? Lol. Can’t carry an ebike or scooter on most other forms of public transportation or in buildings.

  2. I think you mean the body position of gods.

    Our body position is similar to that of most fighting styles. Slanted with a heel toe line, creating a solid base against earth, or in this case our boards. In any situation if you are standing erect, feet side by side and you are to brace yourself or prepare to maintain balance through an event. You step backwards, the stance on a board, is the most natural of positions a human can be in to maintain balance.

  3. Wobbles are because your trucks aren’t setup right/skill level. Turning radius? I can turn around very easily.

  4. Potholes… Get bigger wheels and avoid them??

  5. No. Lol


None of those reasons are valid, the only reason i could ever see to not get a eskate is how freaking addicted you get.

Ive had 20 boards the past 2 years ive been riding, and i wont stop selling and buying.

Also the price might be a drawback but fuck it, it earns itself in after some months.


chill out bro XD, I know my points are weak. it is just what would be the negativity.

Im’ not saying I live speed wabble but for beginner it could be one reason they won’t get into.

It’s friendly fire :kissing_heart:

With anything one should take learning to ride any of those vehicle slow, as they all have risks

As others have said. I would say cost and reliability are your negatives…as some or all of what you said can be applied to many vehicles

Plus my post was all joking mostly


There are a lot more practical and comforable transportation ways but building a skate is super fun, but for long trips i would just get a goped or something

IMO there are only 2 valid reasons not to buy/build an esk8:

  1. You have no money
  2. You don’t like esk8’s

Range limit maybe?

Reasons to not build = if you don’t have the skill, time and patience. Reasons to not buy = limited specs on production ones. Pricey on custom ones.

Reasons to not own one or two or many? NONE. Well unless you’re just not into this thing then that’s the only reason you need.

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“Negative” things…

It eats up your time and money. Like a drug.

(my board is) heavy to carry when in places you can’t ride…

Not easy to leave it /lock it to sthng when you need to leave the board.

Hard to waterproof.

Riding in traffic on a board is dangerous. People don’t see you. People don’t hear you. People don’t care about you.

DRV8302 error.


build so you dont have to call someone when ur stuff breaks… buy extras of everything :rofl:

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This reason depends on your location: it could be illegal in your country. I think in germany you could lose your general driverlicens (nut sure about this). But definitely you will drive without a licenceplate and driverlicens which is very expensive, if the police catched you.

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Cant lose something you never take, never get a driving license and you’re golden in Germany.

Should maybe also get a fake id, but you didnt hear that from me /s

Only do this if you got money to burn. This is not a cheap project if you build your own or buy one. If spending $1500 to make your own board is worth your time and benefit then do it. There are other things $1500 can be used for such as paying bills, buying computer components, buying camera gear, or car payment. For sure you can get on with life without an ESK8.

The best equipment is the one you use the most.

Just wanna point out you can make great boards or buy premade boards for less then 1500, i personally run a 500 dolalr Backfire G2 atm runs pretty great and dirt cheap.

Can also be found cheaper, but more money = better product for sure.

  1. You like polluting

  2. You like to pay to park downtown

  3. You like to not go in the building, but have to stash your vehicle first when you arrive somewhere

  4. You don’t like being able to use any transportation method at any time (you can take esk8 on train, taxi, or walk with it, or put it in the shopping cart inside the store)

  5. You like polluting

  6. You like texting on your phone while piloting a Death Machine, killing all pedestrians, bikers, and skateboarders on your way because you are The Shit :registered:

  7. You don’t like living life to its fullest

  8. You don’t want to enjoy the journey there, but loathe it instead

  9. You like wasting $35,000 on a new vehicle instead of $3,000

  10. You like to pollute your grandchildren’s air!


That is the consise explanation of skateboard stance I’ve ever heard. I will be using that for the rest of my days so I hope it’s not trademark pending :grinning:.

Anyways, we need to.talk iver many many beers.


Cheers :slight_smile:

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