Rebranding board like wowgo, meepo and ownboard came from here?

I was on Instagram in the hashtag #esk8builder when i found crownwheel:

They Build board with no brand on boards that are very similar to ownboard, wowgo and meepo, and they are very cheap!. How it’s possibile? They are the supplier for any cheap brand? Or it’s a scam? They are on Alibaba Sorry for my bad english

They source from like everyone else.

Diyeboard is a reseller as well, they dont get anything from there.


Maybe them

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Doesn’t the owner claim to be the manufacturer of most of these parts?

No clue, but they arent.

I know who does though, but most of them dont want their name out there.

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He does make that claim and calls himself the factory outlet. He also shares private credit card details publicly so no more of this generic crap. @DerelictRobot not aimed at you man.

Oh Damn. I feel like there’s a story here?

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He had a few issues with a customer and posted their cc details on the forum. Lifetime ban I think.


So i risk to Be banned?

What? No. We’re discussing a banned vendor separate from your post, but related.

No man all good as @DerelictRobot said its a vendor that broke the rules. Sells the same gear as the crownwheel mob.