Rebuild v2 | turnergy sk3 192kv | caliber 2 50° | 93mm noname wheels | 3x3S 5000mAh | cheap ebay BMS | vesc

this is more or less just a rebuild from my First (failed) version “The Printah

before that i had 2 covers, one for the battery and one for the electronics

however, I eyballed pretty much everything and it just didnt look any good. so i bought a new cheapish board (bamboo) and designed a new case.

i was actualy going for a 2 cover mount again, unti i figured out that i cann but everything into one box. bms, vesc, [email protected] batterys, bms, receiver and BT module.

im rather satisfied with it now :slight_smile:

now i jsut hope that enertion and diyskateboards deliver my cybermonday orders fast because I got a trampa holypro lying arround here and I’m just waiting fo parts…

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The enclosure, is it one priece or glued?

its glued. wasnt to fond of wasting tons of material just for support.

3x3s, so 9s bms?

Could I buy one from you printed in one piece?

@deucesdown yes sir!

@Jammeslu gotty say no here because quite frankly, I’m rather unreliable if it comes to these things.

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