Reccomendarion for motor mount and wheel, havnt got a clue 🤔

Hello Have chosen my motor after hours of internet time, unless there is a better one for the money here it is by battery is 12s 4p want to go fast.


Could someone please reccomed a mounting kit and wheel, im currently building a longboard About 250mm wide ish. So i need a good reccomandation for a chuck that the mounting kit will fit?

Would these be ok?

My head is spinning trying to figure it all out​:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: Thanks

there is no point spoon feeding you with information. go read and learn


Do more research. It’s regularly advised to stay under 200kv at 12s

You can change gearing to achieve higher speeds.

Can’t recommendations mounts if we don’t know what trucks you have.

I generally recommend staying away from ebay. Use esk8 vendors that will be there for you when/if things go wrong.

Hi moon Im pretty ill my friend and find it hard to concentrate due to pain, just want to build a nice board and try to have some fun, any help greatly appreciated.

Ok, its difficult to know where to start, could you reccomend a good build that i could copy Thanks

Hard question without knowing budget and style of boards you like.

But it sounds like you’re on a budget and obviously your first build.

E-caliber trucks, 5065 racestars, flipsky dual vesc, enertion clone mounts.

Idk who to buy batterys from in the eu.

But honestly i recommend finding a deck you like with an enclosure that fits first.

I’ve seen a lot of first builds come to a stop over finding an enclosure that matches the deck the builder picked.

Ok thanks, do i go with a 10s 4p, or a 12s 4p i thought higher volrage higher revs? Battery is sorted i have a mountain of 18650S
Thanks very much for the help

I’d go with a 12s4p and 170-190KV motor

Ok found this motor, my budget can stretch to this one The race star looks a little small ?

Its the same price as the first motor you posted. So im not sure how this is "stretching your budget "

It’s what Evolve uses. It also has fairly positive feedback from multiple members.

  • these 6368 motors are longer, so now you’re gonna need tb 218 trucks.

  • i personally wouldn’t buy motors off Amazon. Nor do i know anyone who has. Amazon is for hardware and whatnot. Not motors/ pulleys/ esc / batteries

Thanks skunk, im from the uk, and there arnt many skateboard outlets here and buying from the states, you have to pay import taxes, but saying that where is the best place to buy from in the states? i will try and work out import tax

Will go with the 5060 racestar motor. 200kv 36mph :grinning: X2

Thanks very much

I’m pretty sure you’ll need Ecaliber trucks for those motors. I could be wrong but i don’t think you can fit bigger then xx55 motors on standard caliber trucks unless you sacrifice belt width.

Thanks, are you from the states if so wheres best place to buy?

Depends. Motors and batteries from psychotiller and hyperion. Pulleys from build kit boards. Sometimes stuff from torqueboards too. Vesc from whom ever has the best price atm. All vendors i trust. If you need more budget friendly stuff dickyho sells some good stuff on Ebay.

I try to buy from other members whenever possible too.

Thanks for the help think i will bw able to build it now

Heres dickyhos Ebay page

You can message him directly on here to order stuff as well. I don’t like giving Ebay money so that’s what i normally do.

Thank very much for the help

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Good luck with the build