Reccomendations for Under 2k Trampa Build

Hey! My friend wants a esk8 with a budget of 2k and was wondering if you guys could help. These are somethings he would prefer, Trampa deck, street wheels, able to climb any hill, top speed of 25 to 30mph, and bindings! Any reccomendations are much appreciated.

Are you/they looking for DIY or buy?

There are some for sale here on the forum! :slight_smile:

EHEM subtle plug?


DIY he said lol

Check out my listing. It’s a diy. He still needs to put everything together and build the battery

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Will do…

Sry he said that he wants something more with like the @Eboosted trampa enclosure


I made a posting very similar to this earlier this summer. I ended up forgetting to do the build log with all my time going to schooling and other stuff, but here’s the post.

The parts list has changed a tad, but it’s pretty much: FOCboxes (x2 @ $155 each) — $310 Motor mount kit — $150 At $150 I opted for the crossbars as well, omitting them would save $50 Wheel Pulley (x2 @ 30 each) — $60 You could probably find something cheaper Motor Pulley (x2 @ 25 each) — $50 149kv 6374 Motors (x2 @ $100 each) — $200 Belts (x2) — $20 or so, really depends on which mounts you get so you know which size to get Actual Trampaboard — ~$750 This includes wheels, trucks, deck, drampas, all the mounting hardware, etc. Heavily customizable, so price is a bit hard to calculate. Mini Remote/receiver — $30 12s4p battery (no longer listed) from Bara here on the forums — $700 You could slim this a bit and make your own pack, but that requires the proper tooling/time/knowledge Eboosted Enclosure + hardware, gasket, etc. — $160 Tons of misc adapters (PWM splitter, 4.0mm extensions, xt90 connectors, silicon wire, epoxy, threadlocker, etc.) — $50-75

Total: around about ~$2500 (there’s some flexibility that was hard to consider) + shipping/import taxes. Not to mention time to assemble everything (build the battery, put the board together, wire, program, etc.).

I’m probably missing something, so I may edit this later as I think about it, but that’s pretty much what I was recommended, and what I went with when considering a ~$2000 build. Things have changed (the Unity is out, stuff is/isn’t available, etc.) so please make sure to double check availability/supplies. There are other alternatives, but you mentioned you wanted an Eboosted enclosure, so you basically have to go Li-Ion batteries, you mention wanting a Trampa deck, etc.

I’m basically selling this exact build (I upgraded the motor mount a tad to a Torqueboards alternative). I don’t use it as much as I intended. Swapping the wheels out for “street wheels” (I assume you mean like 107s or something) is just changing the wheels, gears, and belts.

Goodluck, and let me know if you have any questions!

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If you want to build a trampa under 2k you’re probably gonna have to get somethings 2nd hand. look on eBay and other sites like that to try to find a used board, wheels and any other stuff you can find. You could also see if something pops up on the forum for sale. Either way it’s gonna probably end up going over 2k because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a diy build cost less than what someone budgeted to start

Haha true and thanks!

Thanks! 10