Reccomendations on a good 6374 200-240kv motors

long story short, i ended up purchasing dual aps hev 6374’s through alien and turns out they arent sending orders for another 2 weeks cause they are on “holiday” i guess? then closing down for another month after that. pretty ridiculous if you ask me. i have pretty much everything minus motors and im not wanting to wait 3 weeks to have my motors in hand.

looking for a good motor to replace them. i already checked out the 230kv torque boards and it looks like they are out of stock currently. mtb will be running on dual max6 on 8s also willing to buy used! thanks

I just got a Torqueboards 6374 190kv with a 10s3p pack from them as well. The motor is of seemingly great quality…I’m very happy with it so far.

I can hook u up with a 6374 and full drive kit pm me if ud like

I have 6354 and 6374 motors in stock. Worldwide shipping!

PM me and I can give you a $10 off coupon code

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Like these?

Looks like I have them in stock :astonished:


@willpark16 i will be running a etoxx direct drive setup, thank you though!

@JLabs those look nice but i really would like atleast 220 kv for the top end ;(

@psychotiller are those maytech? and do you have any without the shaft turned down?

They are not Maytech. I can’t remember where we bought them…They are bomber and smooth though! I have them with 10mm shafts as well. I’ll see if I can find the vendor info.

Maybe you could ask Nowind to use a slightly bigger motor Pulley to make up for the difference. The motors won’t disappoint!

We got these motors last year from freerchobby. They are the best motors I’ve used @8s and they are sensored

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