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Receiver connections

Hi guys, so I’ve been busy collecting all the components I need to build my first board (will create a separate post with all those details), and I have a few questions:

  1. Which pins on the VESC do I attach the receiver to (Can I assume it gets power from the VESC)?
  2. Is there a specific way to connect the receiver (I read somewhere that polarity does matter)?


If you use PMW type of receiver (those 3 input pins from standard 2.4GHZ RC remote), you can see the positive, negative and the other cable pretty easily based on cable color and marking on VESC.

Yes VESC will power standard RC remote 2.4GHZ with it’s internal power (just like included SBEC)

theres a specific posts for that . you just need a bit of patience searching for them . its all previously posted in this forum .

Ah! I found it! Thanks (did look previously, but must have missed it somehow).
See here

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@mostwanted Is that your default reply template ?

@Talk_Bull Here’s a schematic.

Thanks, that’s perfect!