Receiver won't turn on

hi! im working on first build, and it first assemble everything worked just fine - i triggered the remote and motor was working. i unplugged the cables and started to enclouse everything, then i connected the cables again, and the RC recevier won’t turn on anymore (suppose to be a red led light). i checked the voltage and its 5v as it suppose to be for what i know.

do i miss something ?

Do you have any Picture ? What remote are you using ? What type ESC (or VESC) ?

its a vesc. the remote is quanum 2.4GHZ

as you can see, the cable is connected to the vesc. and it gets 5v, i just checked again.

Did you have made your own servo cable? Did you try reversing the servo cable ( the Ground should be at the exterior)

yeah i made the serv cable - and it works. i measured the voltage and its 5v stable. and yes i tried to switch it in every possible direction.

Did you have done the configuration using the bldc toilette ? Also, is the led on the receiver stop flashing when the remote is on?

sorry for the ignorance, but what BLDC is ?? and no, i didnt do any configuration, at first assemble, it work just fine. then i unpluged everything and plug it again - doesnt work anymore.

You will need to configure the PPM settings in the BLDC tool of the vesc. You possibly also need to bind it again. You should measure 5V and 3,3V on the receiver end Hope this helps a bit

what do you mean 5v AND 3.3v? and if i have to configure the PPM setting’ why did it wok first time i plugged it ?

Before using any VESC you need to configure them using the BLDC Tool… Vesc are NOT plug and play, you need to be careful with them

No… 3,3v you mesure is from the pwm pin and is an average made by the meter you use.

So? If its configured right he should measure it…

The voltage should changent depending on the trottle position, what is show by tour meter is the rms voltage, witch may not always be the real voltage, but a approximation base with the frequency

okay, i just configured the vesc using the bldc tool. and it didnt change anything - there is still no light or other response from the receiver… other suggestion?

Is it possible that when I reconnected all the cables, I connected the servo cable backwards and it fried the receiver? In that case if I’ll buy new receiver will it work with my quantum remote or should I buy a new remote as well?

Those quanum remotes seem to be the most unreliable. I have not yet heard from anybody that it works well.

I got rid of mine - loved the size, but it ate batteries really quickly and honestly looks too much like a gun. Just not the kind of attention i wanted, so switched to modified GT2b in badwolf v2.

Where are you located englertvolum? Maybe a nearby esk8 member can loan you another tx/rx to test.

I’m from Israel, I don’t think there’s a lot of sk8’s around.

a bit far from me… (Seattle) but you might be surprised. There are quite a few folks here!

A spare receiver isn’t a bad idea to have just in case. I can’t recommend the GT2b more, especially with a smaller case like flatline, master cho, baby buffalo, or badwolf. Even riding w/ full size remote for a while isn’t too much trouble IMO. Eventually you’ll want it smaller and pocketable - but easily done w/ some 3d printed enclosures and a few hours spare time!