Recharge on the go

Hi my mates are makeing be do a fundraiser its 30 miles there on bikes.i never do it because i have half a heart i cant cycle anyway…i have 2 eboards 1 metroboard that will do 16-18 miles 1 untested Diy board every time i head out it rains…its this saturday. This is what i want to know if i run out of battery and swap boards but then tow the dead board it will recharge if the wheel spins and its on… But need to tow safely…there will be news papers reporters there dont ask they report on this every year…and they will be looking and taking photos of me …

To my knowledge the only way to recharge your board would be if you were pushing it and then using the brakes to generate and charge that it would send to your battery. If say your battery was completely dead it would take an extremely long amount of time to recharge your battery just from braking. What type of battery are you using in your DIY board? If it’s a lipo you could always take a spare battery with you as opposed to a whole different board.

cant do that on the move all the time wonder if a small bit of break could be applyed

With two boards, your better off carrying the second unless you’re going down hill. The charge you get from regenerative breaking isn’t much, and any charge gained by pulling a board with the brakes on would be lost on the energy it takes to pull it.

I would suggest push starting your board up to speed. Only use your throttle for crusing. Push on as many flats or uphill grades as possible.

regen efficiency is about 10percent of total whr u have, through out the range. so 200whr batt give u back 20whr. i know boostedboard user tow theirs with car when batt dies and no longer charging, in order to revive it. but u probably get like .1v per cell if u drag for an hour

Let’s say I could set up drag break and towed it over 16 miles your saying it would be a waste of time

As long as you are towing with another board you are only losing power from a board to charge the other one minus power losses. Ie. The drag of the towed board will make your towing board use more power than the towed board will charge

IF someone here is able to build a setup like that, let me know :smiley: