Rechargeable wii nunchucks

anyone ever try these? they have lithium rechargeable batteries. says to only charge with wii console though. i think a wii is using usb 2.0 so charging it off a pc should be fine right?

@kai I’ve never tried these before. @jacobbloy @sl33py maybe? @lowGuido maybe you can add one of these to your scientific investigation?

i will try them if my chuck doesn’t work. for science! =P

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That’s the way. Let us know. Im sick of the pain /expense involved in getting the nyko kama.

I think there is a solution;)

Are you part of the secret new controller i have heard about? :stuck_out_tongue:

is it really a secret? he’s talked openly about his work with Vedder in developing a replacement transmitter/receiver with transmitter pcb that fits inside existing nunchuck. Enertion mentioned that it will be available early december

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cool i had no idea what it was. i did see your thread asking when it would come out though. was it really talked about on this forum? must have slipped by me if it was.

I picked up rechargeable AAA’s. Sanyo eneloop clones. Should last a good while in the nunchuck. Easy enough to keep a couple spares on me. Think they will be comparable to the lithium ones posted?

The cheaper li ion chuck says 20 hours on a charge. Try timing your enloop clones and let us know how many hours they go. I guess using regular batteries has an advantage that if they die you can change batteries easily and the rechargable one would leave you stuck. I was just thinking that with a lot of people having connection problems with the chuck maybe some people might have bad battery connection with the tabs? I dont know. :stuck_out_tongue: like my stupid comcast remote. I got to shake it around to get it to work sometimes haha

I have noticed that my bulk bought AAA batteries have a small pip for the negative side that fits into the middle of the spring that is supposed to contact the negative so it doesnt give a good contact. I had to bend the spring for that particular battery. A normal duracell would work fine though.

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