Recognize these trucks and/or wheels?

Trucks1 Trucks2 Trucks3

Does anyone recognize what type of trucks and/or wheels these are in a generic version?

(They came off of an Acton Quatro…)

They say acton all over them


Haha. Just as @psychotiller said. They literally say Acton all over them dude.



They belong to an Acton Qu4tro.

I can’t see the avenue

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You don’t need to. These are Acton Qu4tro hangers with acton Qu4tro hub motors. The fact that you don’t see the Avenue Spring absorbers is because they were left with the Acton Qu4tro board.


There’s a strong possibility they came from an Acton Qu4tro

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I think the question was where Acton is getting these hubs and re branding them


Ding ding, we have a winner.


Does this mean that they are made in China or is there a hidden message I am missing?

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No other board in the entire planet has those hangers and hub motors (now I’m getting mad because I’m in bed and you ar forcing me to come out and prove it, grrrrr…)




See??? Thissss is an Acton Qu4tro!!! (So, shut up @taz, THIS is the winner answer!) :yum:

What is the matter? Are you cranky because you did not get your beauty sleep? :yum: The OP’s question was simple: who is the original manufacturer of these trucks/wheels (since this is common practice with many boards). If they are specific only to Acton, then just say so.

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Yes I’m cranky, you force me out of bed @taz. :triumph: :wink:

Off course they are made in China ( like everything else). But these are all Acton’s own hub motors, designed by them, built in China in an undetermined location, but so far they are the only ones sporting them. They are 88mm hub motors.

At some Point during the development process of the Qu4tro this guys became crazy lunatics. They were promising this great looking board…


…and ended up delivering an entire different one.

My guess is that at some point most of the important features the designers wanted were almost impossible to create new or even get standard from the chinese shelves. Thats when all these engineers started jumping off a cliff (not like Tom Brady but like real Lemmings).

They changed the original Qu4tro design an turned into a Frankenstein; first they disected, evicerated and poorly casted the boards aluminum front ends in order to put a different kind of trucks than the one purposed, procceded to copycat the Avenue trucks and came with ones of their own, fitting them under the evicerated aluminum ends, then for some reason, they changed the original concept that called for 101mm hub wheels and installed these 88mm instead, and in a last spark of engineering madness they decided to order them from their chinese provider which came with those ugly Acton engravings over the hub’s metallic inside flanges. :face_vomiting:

The board on the other side, came out good in my opinion. Better than most production boards. Is a master hill crawler that devours mountains like nothing. Pretty decent 10s3p 25R battery with original capability of 22 miles range (it comes down to 15 miles with time and battery downgrade), one of the drawbacks is that these engineers produced a very heavy mfkr, some 25 pounds in weight which make it one of the hardest to turn in tight corners. But in general a good all around board for most beginners and intermediate riders, very robust and indestructible carbon aluminum board. Recomended.

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On Aliexpress…Xiomi Acton??? now i am confused. Screenshot_20190205-163947_Instagram

Yeah man they were made by the former lead singer of the red rockers

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They are somehow associated. I think xiaomi invented action or bought it… something like that :slight_smile:

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Thats just chinese business practice. You have something built and the company offers it as an oem to all and sundry unless you lock them down.