Recommend me good hub motors


Im researching to build my first e-board.

I have researched hub motors and (normal?) motors. I have read the advantages and disadvantages but it seems like hub motors has come a long way. some new hub motors seem quiet and water proof? (mellow,stary)

Can anyone tell me good branded hub motors i can further look into or any websites?


@LEVer at carvonhubs

IMO only way to go


Carvons are good, but i would wait maybe for the release of V3. Also, the all steel verion from @Hummie is nice, he just got a batch of new rubber(

@hummie makes some super legit hubz if you don’t want to spend as much (carvons are $$$$).

I’m rocking dual hummie hubz and they are hands down amazing. Quiet, reliable, and perfectly match a kegel front wheel.

I would keep an eye out for hummies double wide hub with a 3x larger stator. They look like they will promising and the test ones should be arriving soon. Rubbers are looking good too. They are night and day better looking. Can’t wait to ride them and see.

Carvon are proven for performance and durability.

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generally you will have decreased rolling resistance with a wider wheel’s larger contact patch. Visualize the contact patch as it travels across the ground, if it’s small or narrow the ridges and valleys of the road surface are more so hit or fallen into slowing u down. Imagine a road bike tire going OFF ROAD vs a fat slick with decreased air pressure. Big difference in contact patch. With. Skate wheel’s smaller diameter it’s more relevant.

The rubber rebound or ability to bounce back to shape is also important for efficiency as you want the wheel to bounce back the energy that is stored in it as it deforms

I just recently agonized over buying tires for my road bike and came across an informative article on what goes into rolling resistance when considering bicycle tires. I’m not sure how many of the same principles hold true for skateboard wheels, but principles of contact patch width and compounds used in the tire/wheel also seem relevant for our use cases.

I used to agonize over the same decision! Man I miss cycling and am healing still but in the end, going for the best performance as I was always racing, and the faster lower resistant set-up would be smoother riding as well, I went with latex tubes (huge advantage) and the most supple tire I could in a 23mm). It’s narrower than optimum for rolling resistance but air resistance trumps rolling by a lot past 15mph. And it’s lighter. Air pressure of 90 front and 100 rear and I’m 150lbs. Didn’t read the tire comparison chart but back then it seems the Michelin prowere a good price And really supple. Can feel the differences with ur hands. Sprinting out of the saddle kept me at at least 90 front wheel or I’d feel it squish under me otherwise

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A bike wheel isn’t a good enalogy for shape and car tires are more so. There are so many interesting variables but I’m more so inclined to believe it’s a greater rolling resistance wi the longer width, maybe. Wish someone could find a good source that is relevant and solid. I can’t find anything.

Rediculous math and I’ll roll a weighted kegel down hills with it and see!

Durometer is hardness but not rebound and contact patch is simply the shape and size of the contact between rubber and road. Drag I think is rolling resistance

a longer wheel will have a thin contact patch maybe and maybe the shape is important in rr. the wheel will still bear the same weight, but over a longer span. It will deform less given the same load. I think this is the case. And if u have to deform less that’s good. But really with the increased length of the axle there are more deformation occurring.

The ride is going to be more important I think. How it handles and survives.

I think hummie or carvon are your best bets. Carvons are far more expensive. I’m personally waiting on V3 carvons.

Cuz of that. I want the full urethane of abec 11 flywheels and I want to be able to have a 97mm flywheel on the hubs. But if these take way too long, i’m just gonna get the 85 kv V2.5 (not sure if he sells them with 97mm wheels or not).

Hi i have a question. Carvon hub motor what kind of wheels does it use? Custom wheels like Jacob’s or just a regular wheel???

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Do you guys have you’re own subforum here?

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Do you have any type of eta on V3? I’m probably going to wait until Jan-Mar to build, do you think they will be ready?

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