Recommendation for AT wheels

I’m going to be riding my board (once built) mostly to and from Grand Central in New York City. Being that the streets are in terrible conditions I would think a pair of pneumatic all terrain wheels would make the ride better. Any recommendations for good, decently priced AT wheels out there?


@psychotiller has some. @onloop has mentioned that he might have some in a while. Otherwise you could make a mountainboard @trampa

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Not sure about decently priced, but Alienpowersystems has a AT kit with 4 wheels (2 with 15mm pulleys) and 2 15mm motor pulleys and 15mm belts.

$134 USD

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But they are out of stock and who knows when they will be back

I asked them over email. apparently only the belts are unavailable, so you could get them sent without belts probably. But it probably shouldn’t be long because its only belts

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Hot but as @lox897 said sadly out of stock… Might keep it bookmarked for after my build is done, I can always swap wheels out.

EDIT: Saw your last message. Awesome on possibly soon in stock. Anyone run them? Are they actually any good?

yeah, im also looking into it once their back in stock :slight_smile:

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Without much trouble you can run MBS all terrain wheels. They eat up the shitty denver streets and sidewalks and you could use caliber trucks and normal mounts. Although pneumatic tires do sound really nics…

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@marc2912 I use Skike wheels. In theory they’re perfect; they ride smoothly and take the edge off of the terrible roads I ride on. They’re small enough that you can still use regular skate trucks.

But they’re not ideal. They aren’t manufactured for use as esk8 wheels, so the drive wheel tires only last 120 miles or so. Also,the QA for them is not very good; once in a while I get a tube or a tire that wobbles a bit.

@psychotiller’s billet hubs weren’t available when I built my esk8, but they seem to be the best available now. That is assuming you want to use regular skate trucks and not move into mountainboard territory.

I have tried a lot of AT pneumatic and large format uro wheels in NYC. The large format 97mm ABEC,100mm MBS ATLB, and 107mm Abec all work well and roll over anything. That said, when I roll pneummies I don’t even have to think about it or watch nervously for potholes. If you want to stick with regular skateboard trucks then the alien 10mm bores do not work. You need 8mm bore. I like the evolve roadie slicks and psychotiller billet hubs with Matco 6x2" street tires. If going off-road as well then move to MBS 8" or evolve 7" knobbies. A lot of options, and price points. @psychotiller is best, but not lowest price point given they are the best lol.



Wheel only:



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Thanks a lot for the detailed answered. I’m not really looking for speed but more for comfort. I’ve never really gotten into skating as is but this seems like a good commuting alternative. I’m just searching for a smooth, easy, reliable ride. Don’t think I’ll ever do some real “off-road”. The extent of what I might do is paved trails upstate.