Recommendation for multimeter and bench top power supply

So I currently use a really cheap multimeter which mostly gets the job done. It did cost me a night’s sleep a couple weeks back where it started giving unusually high voltage readings while I built my battery pack. That proved to be because I hadn’t changed the batteries.

Nonetheless - I use it quite often and I’d like to get something a little more “pro-grade”. Then I looked at the price of Fluke multimeters and realised I probably want something “semi-pro” :joy:

What are you guys using? And recommendations?

And also, does anybody use bench top power supplies? The ones you can dial in voltage and current, and some I think switch between ac and dc? I used one all the time when I did electronics and physics at high school. I’ve often thought one would come in handy when tinkering with various electrical projects.

This sort of thing:


I have a Fluke multi-meter, but it stays on my bench. This is the one I carry around.

This is the lab power supply I use. As long as you make sure your charge ports are the same accross all of your boards you can charge multiple voltage levels with one charger/


On top of @mmaner recommendation, get the super fine test leads if you have the budget.

It will help wit troubleshooting the pcb board if you need to.

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I have the UNI-T multimeter and I’m happy with it. I have done some research before buying and this one is supposed to be a good value for the money. The 22000 resolution is really nice and not a common feature in this price range.

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