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Update: So after some more research and thought, I have further refined and zeroed in on how I want my E-Board to look like and perform. Here is my updated parts list and explanations:

Note: The board will be built around my weight, height, budget, and personal preference. I’ll take any constructive criticism happily.

I weigh ~145-150Ibs (66-68Kgs), 5’11" tall, male, currently 17.

Mechanical, non Electric:

  • Deck will be made of 3 x 3/16" Plywood w/ Fiberglass tape in-between layers. Bonded with Bondo Fiberglass Resin. The deck will be 10" wide and 42" long. I want stability.
  • The Trucks will be 2 x Caliber II (44 Deg.) and will be drop through. Nothing special. They got good reviews, are very common, and very cheap. They’re 10" wide axles, so overall width w/ wheels will be over 1’. This will also increase stability.
  • Wheels will be 4 x Cal 97mm wheels. They’re cheap, got good reviews, and large. I want higher speeds than acceleration.
  • The pulley setup is a bit iffy. I will go for a ratio of ~2-3. I don’t got any hills to go over around me, at least significant, so I’ll prefer speed. The motor gear, or input will be a 20T, 10mm bore. I can’t seem to find any reasonable priced and ‘good’ quality gear for the motors. They are expensive (~$100 for two sets) and that would be ~40-42T. Recommendations? 10mm belt(s).


  • I’ll be running a dual drive system. The motors a will be 2 x 6374’s. I was going to go with “Hobbysky” motors, but they are $80/Ea. Too much. I know going with unbranded Chinese motors is iffy, but spending ~$180 is too much.
  • I’ll go with two Focbox systems. They seem to be popular and good. Not to cheap, but reasonable.
  • A cheap, ~$30 Tx/Rx. Nothing special.
  • I’ve updated my battery system as well. I want to go with Zop 5200mah 50C 3S Li-Po’s. They get good reviews on eBay and Bangood. I’ll buy them from eBay. The seller is selling 4 of them for only $100! That’s awesome! I will be running 12S4P, so 11.1V (3S) x 4 cells = 44V. Than i’ll add 3-4 more in Parallel to increase capacity.
  • I’ll bypass BMS, but will charge w/ BMS.
  • The charger will be a Power Supply rated for 60V @ 5A.

So, that’s about it for now. Any corrections, recommendations, etc are welcome. Here is the parts list with links on Google Sheets. Total price right now is around ~$800.

your list is looking good. a few things though. if you want to run 12s4p with those lipos you’re gonna need 16 of those 3s1p packs. (i think thats a bit much…?) Also, your charger is best rated at 50.4v. 60v is a bit much (I’ll probably get people saying it’s fine because the bms cuts out anyway but honestly 50.4v is what you want. All I’m gonna say is, you’ll spend more spending less. :call_me_hand:t3:

Why would I need 16 x 3S Batteries though? My math was 11.1V (1 battery) x 4 = 44.4V (12S). Than I would add 4(maybe less) more batteries in parallel. Total is 12S(?)p. I might reduce parallel. Is that math wrong?

I believe @mynamesmatt response is related to your comment about running 12S4P. The battery you are looking at is 1P. That’d require 16 of those batteries to get to 4P.

I’d recommend just buying a deck, unless you’re really into building your own. You can get a decent skateshred deck for around $40 + grip tape and shipping. Will probably save you a lot of time and work.

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ya your maths is wrong. what you create here is essentially one 12s1p lipo pack, and then another pack which is either 12s1p (4 packs in series) as well or one 3s4p pack. you can run the 2 12s1p in parallel to create a 12s2p pack, or 2 separate packs. you cant just add one more 3s pack to get more range it dun work

Man, I just can’t wrap my head around that. Each battery is a 3s lips, rated at 11.1V. Putting 4 in series makes 44.4V, or 12S. Thats right…? So what I cant just add 3-4 more of these, in parallel to increase capacity? Is it because the batteries are 3S1P? Do I just get other batteries? How would I than wire up a 12S3-4P? Thank you!

Ehh, I have the material just laying around and I have prior knowledge using fiberglass and resin. Well and I just don’t want to spend the extra money.

Hey all, first time poster. Not sure I’m in the right place, but having trouble getting answers out of anybody. Was hoping you all could help me figure some stuff out. I want my first electric longboard. Don’t know if I should build or buy a board. Mainly because I weigh 275 not including gear and am about 5’10. Should I go with hub or belt? Any advice would be awesome!

I’m still designing my first E-Board, getting parts, etc. It really takes time and you want to spend time doing research, but to answer your question(s), build the board around yourself. Here are a few questions you should answer first.

  • Budget?
  • Speed/range requirements? Also, if you are building a board, it will take more time, screw-ups, etc. Basic electrical and mechanical knowledge is like needed, or you will burn your board down.

My build is very much like yours. Same motors, trucks, duel focboxs. I think your going to find that trying to get your motors and your motor mounts and trucks and wheel hubs can be a challenge. The clearance between your wheel hubs gears and your motor is a problem. If you’ve got it figured out great if not let me know i’ll show you pics of what i mean about the clearance between the motors.

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Ok ill try. You’re making a 12s1 out of four 3s1 lipo packs. Now to make it a 12s2 you will have to make another 12s1. Meaning four more 3s1 lipos. You now have eight 3s1 lipos. Want to make it 12s3? Add another 12s1, which means four more 3s1 lipos. You now have 12 lipos making a 12s3. Want 12s4? Add four more 3s1 for a grand total of 16 3s1 lipos. Follow?

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Buy a pre built, ride it, learn it, fix it if it breaks, get familiar with it, work on it, eventually start upgrading it. If you feel comfoetable after all that, build yourself a board.

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Sorry for late reply. Been doing a lot of reading on how to build a board. I bought a meepo V2 to start with and plan on upgrading the battery soon. Haven’t decided how I’m going to do it. But I’m thinking 2 10s20p packs in parallel or the 10s5p from diyeboard. Not sure about the latter. I’ve spent hours studying battery basics and some stuff still eludes me. So I don’t know if it will work.

Go somewhere else. Try and find a builder here on the forum.


10s2p* lol sorry

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Thanks for being so welcoming


Go 5p lol. @ 2p you’ll have unwanted sag. @ 5p you’ll have a little sag but not a lot. Go 30q and no sag. 25r will minimally sag.

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Lol okay. That should be the easiest option anyways I think. Where would be a good place to to start a new build forum page? I’ve done some research and have some ideas on parts but I really need some input

Ask away. Reading others builds and just searching the forum is your best bet. Unless you’re trying to do something groundbreaking all of the information is out there. Sometimes people will take the time to just answer your questions but sometimes they’ll tell you to go look for yourself

I’ve been lurking on here for awhile lol. Looked at builds for heavier riders in hilly areas. I’ve got some ideas. Here they are: TB 6374 190 kv x2 TB 218 trucks TB caliber truck clamps x2 TB 63 mm motor mount x2 TB 14t 15mm motor pulley and 36t drive wheel pulley x2 I don’t know which battery to choose, but I’m thinking Lipos probably 10s but I also want more than 7 mile range. So I guess I’d have to parallel some lipos together? I’ve been told the ESC is the most important part of the build, but don’t know which ones to get. I’ve looked at Foc boxes and fsesc. Don’t know which would be best. I really like the Landyachtz switchblade 40’’ but don’t know if it would have the ground clearance. My budget isn’t unlimited by any means, but I also want a great board. I’ll be buying parts 1 or 2 at a time so it might take me a little while to build. But damn I really want this to happen