Recommendations and helps making sure I've picked the right parts

I’m building my first skateboard this year for my year 12 project.

I’m making a battery pack using 30Q cells in a 10s3p style. First question is would I just need one 10s BMS?

I was going to get a racestar 200kv motor, would that be enough for a (mostly) flat trip, with mostly one big hill. I’m pretty small (70kg) and would like to go fast :wink: I’ll be using a VESC.

What charger would I use for the battery? like wall charger and the port I would use for it. I’ve seen some 3 pin looking ones around. I wasn’t what is best to use.

Thank you very much!

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What motor diameter? 63xx 50xx?

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Yes one bms is enough. You can get one for charge only or charge and discharge. If you want to go fast definitely go with dual. If I remember right the race star only 50xx Motor size. If you have a bms you can use any laptop brick style charger with 42v


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duuuuuuude pm me if you can. i did the same for my year 12 project. more than happy to give ya some pointers :metal:t2::metal:t2: (edit: i wrote an entire thingy on it as well, 15.5k words and 79 pages)


Remember about safety gear

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Sweet! I’ve got a BMS coming in now. I’ll go for just one motor for now and see how it goes. I can also add another one. With the motor only been 50xx, does that mean anything major for me?

Thanks to you and everyone else helping me!

I have chargers for sale and can provide a charge port for you for free if you want… I personally wouldn’t charge with less than a 5amp on any decent battery…but 8amp and youd be full in like 45min lol and yes its safe…

The motor diameter is only 50mm. Means those are smaller motors. If you want to be fast with single motor you would be better to go with a 60mm diameter motor. The xx in 50xx stays for the length. 54, 64 etc. Just didn’t know the exact length of the race star motors

Whats the problem with less then 5amps charger (besides it takes longer)? Just curious. You write it like it’s something bad :sweat_smile:

Ohhh okie, I see! Thanks man. I much more of a computer guy then motors guys hahaha :slight_smile: Are there any 60mm motors you can suggest? Anything that isn’t on banggood would be better but I understand if that isn’t possible. ( IT just takes months for them to ship down to the AU )

I’m not too worried about charging time. I would keep it safe over speed. Anything around the hour mark is good. I will look into your shop ect. Thanks for help.

Hobbyking sk3 (sensorless) sk8 sensored Your check the Black Friday thread. I think there are some really good deals for motors

Yeah I’m in a hurry… Slow chargers are like a single drive…once u go dual theres no way to go back to 2 amp charging =P

8amp on my 12s4p is 60mins from about 15-20% stupid fast…amazing actually… And thats only half way to its max rated fast charging capacity

I think I need to make a topic specifically avout this thought process cuz lots of people dont actually understand what it means and associate fast with being unsafe but it really comes down to cell rated max charging amps and the wiring you use for charging (this part is more important imo)