Recommendations and opinions on motors

What recommendations do you guys have for a cheap and reliable motor? I’m trying to make a dual motor longboard on budget before spring semester starts. My target is top speed 25mph and initial acceleraton 3m/s^2. I’m probably using a dual 50A continuous 150A burst ESC with a 6s battery (its all I can charge at the moment)


  • functional at 6s
  • $75 or less
  • 60mm or less (length including end bearing but excluding shaft)
  • high torque or kv (real kv * Nm >= 750)
  • 50A or less continuous draw (at 22.2V)
  • available now


  • sealed (or at least gravel proof)
  • sensored
  • easily obtained in eastern US
  • functional up to 10s or 12s

Any kv from 150 to 450 is fine (I’m getting a variety #25 sprocket set)

Any opinions on the following motors are greatly appreciated as well!

I’ve looked at…

  • Sk8 DIYeBoards 6354 180kv: it looks great but I’ve heard bad things about DIYeBoards
  • Build Kit Boards 6354 208kv: sealed and sensored but there is no torque rating although I think its high
  • DIY Electric Skateboard Torque Boards 6355 260kv: the torque is really low for the kv but it seems designed for 6s
  • FlipSky 6354 190kv: it looks perfect but I hear a lot about the magnets coming lose and cutting out when braking
  • Hobby King Turnigy SK3 5055 430kv: its made for 6s but its weak AF

If you have motors in good condition that qualify for sale please send me the market link

get the 5065 motors for $65 or if you can afford it get the 6355 for $85. cant go wrong with maytech motors.

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I haven’t bought anything except deck/trucks/wheels…is it worth getting everything I can from this sale (is it all good stuff?)

Maytech is known for there hub motors as they are good quality? cant say the same as there motors although the look the same as TB and every other seller.

the only thing i can attest for are the motors. All the other stuff has been tested by fourm members. i have only used their motors and they are rock solid. you can search the fourm for what people think about the other stuff. But the motors are bangin.


search the forum bud. their motors are rock solid. can’t say the same about their hub motors.



I’ve kick-pushed for a whole semester now…my legs ain’t made for hills…I got the stamina of a wet noodle

Then you should choose cheap OR reliable :stuck_out_tongue:


Oof…a guy can’t have nice things for nothing?

If you get a cheap motor and do a sealing treatment it should make it much more reliable.

you do realize maytehc’s are the manufacture of those motors right? everyone else is re branding their motors…

I’m thinking fine steel mesh and silicone caulk to stick it?

Why are the originals so much more expensive then?

No steel. Just sealant

what originals? from maytech? @hyperIon1 is selling the last of his stock thats why they are cheap. i bought two of the 6365’s from him for my build.

and Torque board motors are not maytech motors.

What about the gap by the can? you can’t have something stuck across it can you?

Your a funny funny man :grinning:


You just contradicted yourself ?