Recommendations for batteries

Hello. I have decided I want to build a Boosted Clone over my summer. Running Dual Motor kit and a Focbox Unity.

I am looking around at batteries and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for 10S packs. Preferably 8aH or More.

I am stuck between these 2 options currently.

Wowgo Sanyo 8.5AH

DIYEBOARD 10S 5P Samsung 22P Cells

Has anyone used these before? Or got any better suggestions?

Use Samsung 25r, 30q, or Sony vtc6 for 18650. Samsung 30T or 40T for 21700. This info is everywhere on the forum though, so some might be slightly hostile towards the question.

Or, if you were asking for pre-built … I’ll let someone else answer that


^ thats a big no chief. Buy something you wont need to replace shortly after you buy it, like a battery pack made from the cells recommended above

Additionally, your region is a great way to weed through the options, as local battery builders are likely cheaper/better dollar/pack ratio, and can provide continued support. You should edit your profile to show it, or post it in the thread


If i HAD to choose, id go with the wowgo. Mainly cause that other “thing” you listed, cant be trusted unless you tear it apart and inspect it all.

But if i was you, id look into having one the forum’s battery builders build you one. Youll get better quality all around and the battery anxiety wont be as much if you went with the other two. Just my opinion

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Meepo makes a 40t battery with a higher amp output which gives you extra torque


Ive been curious about that for awhile, its a shame they dont make any flat packs. I would ditch my 10s2p 30q instantly for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Although its not like I sag or anything, the hubs I use dont draw much anyways

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I see. Will do. Thanks!

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It’s actually not a bad battery, @Bobby lended me one and it performs better then my Sanyo teemo battery. I know everyone hates diyeboard but it’s a decent price for the battery. Although it will sag, it got me 16 miles yesterday and I still had 25% battery left

For $310 shipped anywhere in the usa, i have sony vtc5 packs (10s4p) for sale.

I can also build a pack of any size with about a week of lead time

I am not a fan of diyeboard or most of there products. This pack does sag. When using hubs, its an amazing battery. Using pneumatics, not so much… belt driven is still ok… perfect for a cruiser board. This battery never failed me, took it to hawaii, used it solid for a year doing 10-15 mile rides often. Solid battery for the price…Dunno if id risk going through that shitty company tho…


I see. So its a no-go for my belt system

Not a no go! Definitely still a go, just wouldnt expect 20 miles. More like 11-15

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+1 for meepo and you can get the inc for $310 that is pretty good value (I build my own batteries and I’m still a little tempted by this)

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Sounds good. Thanks that is probably what I will order.