Recommendations for buying 18650s

Hi there. So i am “leaping” into using The 18650 batteries and going to build my own battery-pack. Going for a 10s2P kind of type. So many sellers om ebay have different kind of batteries, but i have read that not All is worth spending money on… some are fake, used and not god. Any recomendations? Sites? Sellers?

Where do you live?

I live in Denmark


Genuine batteries and reputable company


Samsung q30 cells are the premo stuff there 3000mah 15a but people say they feel like 20a so 10s2p pack 6000mah 30a But that might be a bit weak on acceleration and Hillclimb 10s3p would give 45a I reccomend if possible get another 10cells

Samsung 30Q :ok_hand:t2:

Where in denmark?

Sony VT6 are the best 18650 on the market.

Sanyo 20700B if you have the room and the budget are the way you want to go…

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I live in esbjerg

How many amps do you want to draw from it? At 2P your options may be limited but I have no idea how much power you will need. What will you be running with it? How many motors? Which ESC[s]? How many watts do you want to draw?

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One belt drive with a Sk3 6374 190 kv. Do not know How much amps i have to draw… i am satisfied with my current power-suply with two 6s 5000mah in parallel. I have a Vesc.

It’s not the capacity, like Ah (ampere*hours) but current, like A (amperes) somtimes expressed as a “C” rating like “20C” which means “20 times the 5000mAh, or 100A”

2P with Samsung 30Q will get you about 30A continuous draw or about 1110 Watts

That’s okay for single-wheel drive (not for dual) but you’d need to set your esc up to limit battery current to around those values if your battery is only 2P deep

At 2P deep, the Sony Konion US18650VTC6 cells can deliver 60A but they are 20% more expensive

Also using less than 100% of your rated capacity can help your system run better, with less sag, for a longer lifespan


I see! :smile:Thank you for sorting that out.:+1: it is complicated. I have been Looking at the Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mAh - 20A. It is not 3600mAh… but i Think i will manage. I will use it to commute to/back to work. Around 12 km pr day.

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I am realy not an expert on Lithium ion cells but I have heard from many that the samsung 30Q cells are prefered because The INR18650-25R do have some voltage sagg. But maybe an expert can help you better

The experts won’t say much publicly, so we have to stumble around in the dark. help @PXSS

You might be better off using 30Q than 25R though because the specs on paper don’t tell the entire story. But since that’s what we have, and what specifications are literally made for, then we must use those.

Also all the 18650 prices just recently changed, so everything in that old thread is already mostly obsolete


Has anyone build a pack using LG HG2? I’m surprised I haven’t seen any reference -I have been using them for Vaping mods and been very happy -they should be at least on par to the S 30Q and can usually be found cheaper.

What do you want to know? I have posted plenty about 25Rs vs 30Q. I do not mind linking you to said threads/posts and answering questions. I cannot provide test data for different batteries as much of my stuff on that is work (and government) related…

You can read this thread:


Here is an important post from that thread, most of it is lipo vs liioons

Another post where I explain it:

Read this topic, starting around post 80ish


I have posted extensively about the subject. You can look up 30Q vs 25R and look for the posts made by me. It’s all from like November 2016-April 2017.

If there is anything specific you want to ask that I may have not covered before, you can ask away. I will respond as long as it doesn’t delve into my work.

E: More reading material:


Thank you @PXSS this should keep us busy for a long time

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