Recommendations for decks with kicktails?

the deck market is vast and wonderful, but what are some deck with kicktails you either have and love, or would love to make a build from?It seems like kicktail decks with long enough wheelbases (26"+) are rather rare

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Arbor James Kelly!!

The enertion raptor 1 deck lol

I think the Landyachtz Dodger is pretty cool, they have a 28" and 32" version. The 34" Loaded Poke is also pretty nice.

Interested in raptor 2 deck? I would love to swap it for vulture deck!!!

@NickTheDude those do look nice, the loaded poke is more visually interesting… although the wheelbases on both of them seem small, 21"?

I’m using a slipstream fibrefresh and I love it.

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woah, $40 a deck? that’s really nice. it’ll need some graphics on the bottom i feel, but that’s a real good basis. how’s the flex on it?

It’s a stiff deck. tiny bit of flex. not much though and I’m 210lbs. It’s got a really nice shape, perfect for E-builds. Notice that the trucks are mounted without risers? No wheelbite.

Yeah their definitely not suited for a super high powered build but I’d probably go with the dodger if I were doing a compact cruiser. Right now I have a loaded Fattail and I’m loving it. Not a massive kicktail but it’s enough and the board is super fun to ride.

Also the one psychotiller mentioned is nice, I think they just came out with a version that doesn’t have the walnet bottom panel if that’s not your style.

I like the deck I just picked up for my first build. It’s the loaded tesseract. Or you could go for the loaded cantellated tesseract.

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Rayne Otherside,

keep em coming guys, these are great decks

stopped by my local skate shop today to check out their longboard selection which was actually really good.

they only had one W concave but i see why people like it so much, really comfy! only reaffirmed my desire for a kicktail though, super easy to pop it into your hands instead of bending over for the board

to that end, this particular gravity deck had a really big tail and a very flat underside and a 31" wheelbase, i think it was 42" overall length? real long sumbitch. i’m 99% sure it’s called the Tahiti

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I found that Alva has a lot of big boards with kick tails and the prices are decent

I have this one, don’t let the name fool you

My Landyactz switch eagle pops into my hands when i step on the back, plus you can hold onto the front truck and drag the board behind you and walk with it.

This is where i got mine.

Check these decks out, cheap in price, the only difference is most of them are raw.

oh man now that thing has a serious drop to it, doesn’t that really mess with your ground clearance? or is it not much of an issue in practice