Recommendations for puller and press?

i need to get a bearing puller and press, mainly for AT wheels but should make life easier on abec11s too.

can anyone make a recommendation?

I have started using an arbor press to seat bearings, flawless every time…



thanks mike :slight_smile: will order one today


I got one on ebay, a Jet 1 ton, with a coupon for $80 bucks. Harbor Freight has them for about $55. They aren’t cheap unfortunately.

I am always spending time trying to figure out how to get a bearing seated correctly or wondering if its seated correctly, this solves both of those issue so it was worth the money for me.

I have some plugs, steal & heat treated, that are exactly 21.75mm, so perfect for when a bearing needs to seat just below the rim. Ill send you a couple when I get back from vacation. PM me an address.


oh wow, that is suoer generous of you. thanks mike :slight_smile:

do you think i will get away with a 1/2 tonne press?


No worries, they have already been used (here at work) so they wont use them again but they are still perfect, so great for us :slight_smile:.

Oh yeah, definitely. I just got the 1 ton because it was cheaper than a half ton with the coupon I had.

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I have a 20ton hydrolic press but an arbor press would be much easier for this purpose. Abec wheels usually are so loose that bearings can fall out so I never had a problem seating them what wheels do you encounter that give your a difficult time seating?

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AT wheels are the issue, having something that will deal with ABEC11 precisely and without risk of damage or injury is just an added bonus.

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Same here, lots of AT wheels are press fit now, so using the hanger to smack them on doesn’t really work and tightening down until they seat will sometimes ruin a bearing as it pushes on the inner race instead of the outer race.