Recommendations for safe/clean cable routing?

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This is my current setup.

Issue #1 - I don’t mind the shorter wires, but the long ones that stick out from the tail of my board drives me nuts.

Issue #2 - I weigh about 215lbs (97.5kg) and with a very conservative angle on my motor mounts, I still find that I risk damaging motor wires with the spinning motors when my fat ass hits a big bump. Could I potentially get a small riser that would allow for cable protection and put a bit more space between my motors and wires?


  • @Alphamail UT risers
  • Protective phase cable sheathing
  • 3D printed cable holders
  • Stickyback cable clips
  • Cable ties
  • Having the right cable lengths
  • Planning

Put a couple of standoffs on the truck-to-deck screws under their nuts. Bring your wires to the stand-offs 90 degrees then turn the wires another 90 towards the front (180 total). Zip tie together.

Man I’m lost… got any helpful photos that might demonstrate this? :slight_smile:

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Ignore the green, that was a mistake. Blue are the standoffs (actually “wire clamp”), red is the wiring. Make sure it’s tight in the standoff, so no vibration wear or backing out. You should also have one under the enclosure to make sure it doesn’t back out.


Wire clamp:

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Thanks man!

@b264 - using those tunnel risers is clean!

Loving this look too https://forum./t/pictures-and-nothing-else/79/439?u=zach

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20190524_151555 20190416_211956

I adapted an idea by Unik to route cables through my riser. Files on thingiverse - search Toughook


This thing is so gorgeous, what’s the height added by the riser, and is the length customizable?

Then you will also love this :slight_smile:



Ye, in my opinion, 3d-printed case for wires is the best option. Like in raptor 2.1 for example.

Thanks ! Yes the length is customisable. Just snip the ‘cable tunnel’ off at the length you need. I have done this too as it’s too long as you see it in the picture.

I use a 1/8" shock pad on top of this, and with this the total height is then 1/2" (which is what is then needed on front truck)

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I love it already, the MR60 one even moreso

Stalking your Thingiverse profile in hope of a release

Nice! I don’t have a deck like that, but if I did it would be perfect!


I didn’t see where I could get it printed on thingverse, do I have to download the files and take them to somewhere like 3D Hubs?

Thanks for the heads up on the risers too!

ahh right, didn’t know you didn’t have a printer. I’m waiting on parts for mine otherwise I’d offer to do it for you. If you manage to find some one to do it earlier I’d go with that, or you could wait until mine is up and running…

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Haha, I wish I had a printer! My wife and I just had our first baby, I’m lucky to even have enough time to work on this project a few minutes every couple of days :sweat_smile: