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Hi everyone! First proper post here on this really amazing and informative forum! the help and advice I see the community sharing is top notch and has motivated me to start my first build in the near future! (if what I have in mind is suitable that is). I currently live in the UK so as I’m sure a lot of you know getting parts at a competitive price is quite difficult! This post will hopefully include everything I think I’ll be needing for my first build but no matter how much I browse through this forum I’m sure there will be a few things missing or that I am unsure of that you guys/gals can help me out with!

My hope is to produce a board with a decent amount of range 12 miles + and a top speed of 30mph + which I will rarely use however I would like to be able to cruise at about 20-25mph and it not push the board to its fullest all the time! I weight about 80-85 kg and live in a fairly flat area but there are always hills to be conquered! and will be using the board in the city to and from work and for fun obviously :wink: For this, I’m planning to use a sector 9 Bintang 38 inch deck with either a dual 6355 or 6374 sensored motors from torqueboards/streetwing with appropriate trucks so either 180mm or 218mm with reverse mounts to add some clearance (UK roads aren’t great haha).

Battery || I am not planning to make my own even though I have good knowledge of 18650 batteries, their limits and how they work and will be purchasing a pre-made 12s3p pack (Samsung 30q) with a bms (charging only) and power switch included. I know of a few places that have been mentioned by other users on this forum but none in the EU so if anyone has any info on that, that would be fantastic! and will also be including 2x VESC from DIY esk8 or any alternative that the community thinks would be as good or better.

Enclosure || I have a friend who will be 3d printing an enclosure for my board but as always any recommendations are welcome as its always good to have a back up plan!

controller || personal recommendations welcome! would rather hear from the community which they feel is best!

Pulleys&belts || This is something I have had the hardest time wrapping my head around! I’ve used calculators to gage speed etc based off of different ratios, however, I am unsure of if there is a right or wrong answer to this or just an optimum based on which motors and battery are being used so any help with this would also be greatly appreciated!

As mentioned above this will be my first build that will begin in the next few weeks and thought id post this up for anyone who would like to read it give their ideas or suggestions! If I’m way off the ball on this then I will continue to browse through the forum and ask questions as there is always room for more research! If there are any parts that I have missed out that are vital or just nice additions that would make the building process run more smoothly and improve my experience once the board is completed then please let me know I’m more than happy to hear from you guys! I am leaving to go on holiday today and will be back Friday evening BUT I will do my best to respond to any and all comments when/if I can! Thanks again guys!

Ash :sunglasses:

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Do you want torque or speed? What wheels are you planning to use?

And 218mm trucks are really expensive here in the UK/EU

Thanks for the response! I’m looking at 97mm flywheels and the motors will be 190kv so they will be more on the torque side of things if i’m correct but as long as i get a decent top speed I’d be happy as I don’t need anything over the top! and yea thats what i was pondering over, which is why if its more cost effective then standard trucks with dual 6355 might be a better option ?