Recommended board manufarers (preferably in Cali)?

Hey guys, I’m looking for a board manufacturer right now, as I’m ready to move into the beta phase of my first production board. I’m very confident in the capability of the deck I made, and since I don’t have the time (and resources) to make them my self, I’m looking for a company to outsource the production of the decks to.

So I’m looking for board manufacturers to reach out to. I would prefer to work with a company in cali, seeing as it will be close, and the quality of decks produced in the US are usually very good (more likely to be authentic Canadian maple, and not “china” wood). So any companies you know of like this?

I reached out to them and am awaiting a response. But I know there’s dozens of companies like this that produce their own boards, and might be able to help me out with these decks.

Thanks for any help!

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Ehlhers 10 ch