Recommended Drivetrain for 6-8 inch wheels

Hey guys, i am quite new at this. I am working on an all-terrain e-skate and didnt quite find a suggested drivetrain for it. Im planning the top speed to reach around 45Kph and this is what i am planning to use: (which affect the top speed)

  1. 2X KEDA 63-64 190KV Brushless Outrunner 10S 2000W
  2. 6s3p Lipo (33.3v)
  3. 6"-8" wheels

So my main question is, what would be a good ratio for this build so i get enough torque and still reach around 45Kph? Also what is a good distance between pulley’s centers ? Pulleys number of teeth? Pitch? And belt width?

Thanks alot!

Might be more ideal to go gear or chain drive for an all terrain board. For gears on serious all terrain. Etoxx drives or @kug3lis drives :grin:

Ill start you off by suggesting a 10s battery, either that or higher kv motors but more cells would be better on pneumatics.

5mm pitch, 16/45 or something like that. It really depends what you want to achieve with the board.


isnt the top speed high enough with 6s and 190kv already?

6s and only 3p. It’s going to sag pretty bad and won’t have that great of acceleration.

Recommend 10s4p minimum if you want to push 6in AT tires. Change your avg energy use up to 30wh/mi as that seems to be the average for 6in AT boards. Start with your drive pulley teeth number based off availability, (most shops sell 16T drive, so that’s a good starting point).

Then do the driven pulley, 60-80T should do it. I run 6in tires with 16/66 gears and wide belts. 12mm I think.

Now if you are using street wheels (90-100mm) the driven pulley would change cause you can’t fit 66T on a small tire like that.

It’ll feel quite sluggish I fear. The numbers work though. Why that battery out of interest? Is it a space constriction?

Thanks alot for the info! what is avg energy use btw? i didnt know the meaning of it… and how do i control it?

i use 15/80 12s lipo 2x192kv, 200mm

Plenty of torque and speed. Max speed is somewhere over 33mph, never tried to go over 33, 33 was too fast for me. Id like to increase to 15/90 but then the gear is getting pretty big.


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Cool… what kind of vesc do you use?

2 x 4.10 hobbyking vesc , extra cooling with heatsink fan, and caps on and off pcb. Heavily 3d printed design

What is a good center distance for 15/60 ratio?

Id just use an idler pulley and you are free to move them in close, ill be moving mine further in soon.

ok… but if i dont use one, i still need minimum 6 teeth in mesh for each pulley right?

minimum 115mm, according to that.

Thanks alot bro

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