Recording data from VESC? Summary of tools

I believe you also have to set the correct baud rate in the uart tab, I can’t remember if it’s 9600 or 115200. Also you may want to switch to Uart only and test, then try to switch to Uart+ppm again which requires you to have the controller connected and on.

hello @ra.rend

I’m still desperately waiting for my bluetooth module, grrrrrr

So can’t speak out of experience yet. However: baud rate of the bluetooth module and settings in the VESC have to match. Also, I think if you change from PPM to ppm+uart you need to reboot the VESC. On the bluetooth module you can change the baud rate using AT commands, for the VESC you can change it in the BLDC tool. Google HC-05 baud and at commands …

@makevoid it’s 9600. It works now. Thank you so much for your help. @PB1 I wasn’t getting any reply from the module, while using Bluetooth terminal (I know nothing about this), but I just changed baud rate in bldc and it works! Thanks guys!


Just to confirm, you can use the HC05 module with the vesc vision app? Or is it just the adafruit chip? @makevoid @evoheyax

It’s unclear, it has yet to be tested as far as I know. But if someone has an HC05 and would like to test it…

You need the adafruit bluefruit, unfortunately it’s a bit more expensive than the HC05 and if you want to switch from an ios device to an android one (traction app or vsc app) you need to disconnect one and then connect the other

edit: Jacob’s app uses the HM-10

I think I will use HC05 with Jacob’s app then.

sorry I edited the post to correct it, Jacob’s app uses hm-10 module (almost as cheap as the hc-05)

I asked Jacob and he thought that it could work. Why wouldn’t it work?

then great, when I tried it was not working with the HC-05 but both VSC and Traction were working, but probably it was something else!

Baud rate maybe? EDIT: Tried to compile traction with xcode. Didn’t work. Any chance you could send it to my UDID? @makevoid

You mean you compiled VESC_Logger ? Traction is a cordova app. Also I don’t have a machine with OSX at the moment (gf took the laptop on a trip), did you get a compilation error or another error? on my machine it compiled straight away

Oh right. I’ll follow this guide:

btw Traction is not complete, with the current version it only displays data on the battery voltage gauge, the other data is there but it needs to be renamed/connected to the UI elements I believe, it shouldn’t be hard but it can be a bit tricky (add console.log statements on react components render method, open chrome with remote device debugging, check that the data gets rendered, choose another value/gauge, repeat) ^^

Thanks so much for helping me man! I am getting a few errors:

I think this may have to do with the version of cordova

Quickly googled it. Seems I’ve fixed it. Can’t express my gratitude man! Thanks so much for the help @makevoid

Hi, I’m trying to read data from vesc over uart (voltage, rpm etc…) and print it on the serial monitor of Arduino IDE. How do I do that?

I have an arduino uno connected to the VESC via uart. Assuming that I got the VESC library for arduino already included, what line of code will “get” the rpm, inpvoltage etc…?

My coding skills: I took one java class in high-school :sweat_smile:

Any information would be great. Thanks!

Check out this arduino sketch/script

That’s the line that gets data from the vesc, I suppose you’re using the same VescUartControl library, if so you can start with the original example or modify mine (if you don’t have a sd card module you’ll need to delete/comment some lines)

If you already have an sd card module that example should work straight away


Does the code: "SerialPrint(values); " print the rpm, voltage, etc? Like in one single String? Sorry for the noob questions. Should I post this in the noob question thread?

That’s fine, you can use Serial.println to write to the arduino console, logfile.println writes to the log file

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