Red loctite situation

So I have this new motor that I want to use, but the pulley I need is stuck on a broken motor shaft because I used red loctite becuase I am stupid. I don’t have access to a blow torch right now because my dad is using it and I want to ride today. yes I have parents, yes I’m 15…stop laughing. Any other solutions besides a blow torch and heat gun?

heat is pretty much your only option.

not sure what it looks like but maybe be able to hold it above your stove or something but u can’t find me accountable if your burn the motor or yourself.

just grab that blowtorch real quick and melt it.

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lighter, match, candle

Soldering iron

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This :arrow_up:, in the absence if a heat gun or torch.

Moms hairdryer

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@Mikenopolis @mmaner

Thanks for the advice, how do you recommend I go about doing this, I was thinking max temp and hold to the top of the motor shaft and pulley?

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sounds reasonable to me.

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Sorry I thought we were commenting places we can make some :fire:

Did you get it off?