Red Samurai GT | Dual HobbySky 6374 190kv | FOCBOX | PsychoTiller 12s4p 30q | Hummies Deck | Evolve Supercarve Trucks | Janux Mounts | Alien Remote |

new%20build%20002 Thats not a mess… Ps its even worse now.


Initial ride.

Still trying to figure out what all this data means.

Also, I’m not used to trigger remotes and didn’t modulate the brakes correctly going 19mph. See that long pause above? Yeah I fell. Lol.

This board flies. Like… Scary. What have I done? What am I doing? As I was falling I think I had a come to Jesus moment and I’m not even religious.

Still need some tweaking. Might change remotes. I’ll post pictures tomorrow since I need to sleep.


14 ^Velcro came in. Stuck the coarse side and lined up most of the bottom of the deck.

15 ^Lots of velcro at the bottom of the battery. This sticks quite well.

16 ^Items fit. Not as pretty as I’d like, but it work. Will add some foam on top as well as a foam gasket to weatherproof this. Will also hot glue the components after I’m done with major testing and tinkering.

17 ^Nice ass. Added some nice square tail lights with built in accelerometers that turn solid red when I slow down or brake. Rechargeable via USB. Used some old Koowheel light brackets I had laying around, hopefully they don’t break as they’re cheap metal.

18 ^Added some cheap red “x-things” found on eBay. lol. 19 ^the “nearly” finished look, gonna trim down the grip a bit.

21 ^Size comparison to my Boosted V2 Dual+. This board is massive. I don’t think this will be my daily driver.

22 ^ Motor mounts “Sagging” down after a ride. Disappointing. They were torqued very well. I did, however, use the stock evolve mounting screws that came with the trucks, so I’ll try to change them to the ones sent by Janux and test again later. Also debating removing one side of the idlers since it increases resistance. Should I remove the top or bottom?

20 ^Changed out the bolts on the Janux Evolve Mounts to the ones included in the kit (not the stock evolve screws). Hopefully this solves the problem where the mounts sag down after a ride.


damnit ^Antispark blew. Here’s how it looked when I took it out, lol. Looks like it shorted. Circuit remains on but can’t use the switch to turn it off. Oh well. Buying another one locally this week, but I have to open up the board and plug it in or unplug the xt60’s to turn it on and off at the moment.

Here are a few videos the first night she ran: ^You can see the motor mounts have moved and sagged quite a bit here. ^ Quasi “brake” lights.

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image image

Mounts continue to sag, possibly due to torque and/or vibrations.

Added blue loctite and jammed some Sugru as a secondary level of prevention. Torqued the shit out of the bolts this time, will test when the weather clears.

A longer distance ride. Some notes:

  • Was a dual idler setup, removed top idler on each side and left slack side single idlers in place. Now there is much less rolling resistance and it’s also reflected in my efficiency. I think I like a looser setup.
  • Mounts finally stayed in place this ride after adding loctite and torquing the shit out of them as well as the sugru plugs as seen in the previous post.
  • Alien remote is okay, but I only have Boosted and Wowgo/Skullboard/Ownboard thumbwheels to compare to. Feels good in hand but still getting used to using a trigger. So far no cutouts.
  • Thanks to all the info on this forum I don’t have any faults or major issues with the build. Amazing. I’m sure there will be issues that will pop up but it would be so much worse without all this info.
  • Battery range as expected. Par for course, I now want a 12s5p.
  • Evolve trucks are nice and carvy, even more so than my boosted board. So far not much speed wobble at 29-30mph but I’m not used to those speeds period. I had no idea that the diff between 24mph to 30mph would be so drastic.
  • The feeling of “omg I built this” finally set in as I carved through NYC traffic.
  • If you’re on the fence about buying a bluetooth or Metr module, it’s totally worth it.
  • If you want to use your Metr module with Xmatic (iOS), make sure you change the VESC settings under UART to 9600 baud.
  • 100mm Boa’s are nice. Like really nice.
  • @Kug3lis noticed that my ESC temp climbed a little, so when warmer weather rolls back around I may need to look at heatsinking or other methods of cooling.

Amazing board, almost what mine will hopefully look like soon, and the efficiency is also great, running belts as loose as possible makes a lot of difference The temperature looks fine for now, but as you get used to it you will run harder and harder

If the mounts continue to move you can try to apply bearing retaining fluid between the surfaces, not on the screws, continue to use thread lock on them and it’s a must to let everything dry at least 24h before riding

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I seriously considered dropping some loctite green between the mount and evolve trucks, but I’ll see how this holds up for now.

I’d rather not have to torch my trucks to remove my mounts, lol.

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How are your hobbysky motors holding up?

About 75 miles on them so far with no issues. When I ordered them on Amazon I messaged the seller to customize then with 8mm shafts. You can also request custom Kv. So far so good, but I’m worried that I’ll encounter the same issues others have been dealing with loose magnets. Time will tell.

I paid about $90 for each though.

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Nice build! How do you find the metr pro connection through the carbon of the hummie deck?

Oh and where do you get quasi brake lights from!?

I get random Bluetooth disconnects, but I’m not sure if it’s the deck or my iPhone X.

I purchased the taillights off Aliexpress but one of them already went out probably due to vibration, so I can’t really recommend them.

Remove bottom idlers. I have near exact same set up. Same wheels, trucks, mounts, deck. Great taste in esk8 bits. :+1:

This way you will loose idler tension benefit only on hard acceleration. This is preferable to loosing tension under hard breaking. Right? For those oh shit moments when you really really really need to slow down, the top idler helps prevent pulleys from skipping teeth in these circumstances.


Hello !, Could you let me know how to convert sensor connector??

Motor -> VESC Red -> 5V Black -> GND Yellow, White, Orange -> A, B, C Is that right???