💀 RED SKULL >> Top Speed (Sender'ized), FS Dual 4.20, 10s4p, Ollin 5065 200kv motors, SR TKP's, Boa wheels

This is my latest build, I’ve actually been working on this one for awhile. Its been on the road for a couple of months but I had motor issues, then I wasn’t happy with a couple of things, then more motor issues and now it’s finally complete.


This specific Landyachtz Top Speed deck has been the platform for a couple of builds, I had finally retired it because it had seen so many miles and was looking kind of ragged. In steps @Sender and works his magic (again) and turns into a brand new & epic deck. This deck is one of my top 10 favorite decks (I can’t believe LY retired it), the concave allows a greater degree of control than a tub, the length is perfect (for me) and the combo with @Sender’s work is glorious.



This is a really fast board, even with relatively low battery/motor amps. A 2:1 gear ratio using 18/36 gears and 200kv motors is a bit speedy for me. I have had it up to 35 mph already, still had throttle left, and that’s faster than I wanna go.

These motors, I don’t even know what to say. I bought them a long time ago and just didn’t use them as I had a bunch of 6374’s and assumed they would be better. I’ve worn out quite a few motors since then and had a couple of new ones crap out almost immediately so I figured I’d give them a try. Holy Skatan, they are fast and don’t overheat plus they are smaller than the mount plates, so they are less likely to get banged up.

Here’s the spec’s for those that are interested.



I have a set of TB 110’s I was gonna put on it, and I still am as I wanna try them out, but prolly not permanently, it will be too damned fast. I am saving them for another upcoming build that will blow you away! Stay tuned :metal:!


@mmaner great build @Sender great job makeing this great build even look even greater!


Fucking love this build. Can’t wait to try it!

@mmaner what do you figure top speed for us heavy guys on full charge is?!


Arent those tkps unstable at that speed or is it not too bad.

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I was 85/90% into the throttle when I’d had enough, that was at 35mph per the @Ackmaniac app. I have a pretty liberal throttle curve so there was still a significant amount left. I’m guessing, but I think 40mph is attainable.


Not if they are dialed in well. I’ve got a lot of ride time on SR TKP’s, so I’m pretty good at figuring out bushing combos and kingpin tightness so make them more stable. That being said, SR TKP’s are more stable than most other RKP trucks, the bushing seat is magic.


Depends entirely on your riding experience and how well they’re tuned in. I watched @Skunk hit just shy of 40mph on his dropped TKP setup and it was a pretty loose setup.

Like all trucks (even channels!) they cannot be expected to perform perfectly across all rider configurations and speeds without tuning them in. This means potentially different bushings, pivot cups, etc.


The biggest difference with tkp and rkp at speeds over mid 30s for me. Property set up rkp will charge a straight line, and if you get wobbles you can ride it out by shifting your weight forward. On Tkp the same wobbles can be carved out. I’ve gotten very comfortable craving pretty hard at full Throttle. It’s definitely easier to haul ass on rkp but damn is it fun on tkp. Im curious what the limits are for tkp tho.


Well said. One definitely must be well versed in carving out of wobbles if taking the TKPs into the mid 30s and beyond.


Well shit… Ive got too work on this if i wanna get my speed up on my TKPs :joy::joy::joy:

I usually just eat it



Go try riding a penny board down a hill. Not a huge one.
It feels like out of control wobbles, but if you ride the wobbles out you’ll eventually feel a sweet spot. Controlled chaos kind of thing.


I am starting to hate @sender. Yeah… You live in usa and that makes nearly impossible for me to get one of your wonderful jobs… I hate you dude


Bad ass Mike I love the art. I may have to contract @Sender to do my 44 once it gets in that is amazing.

I love how we can do a colab with other members to make stuff that’s truly next level.


build of the year material right there, simply outstanding

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This, i feel exactly the same. Plus there’s the benefit that he’s only 2 hours from me so I can totally take advantage of him :slight_smile:


Thank you sir, I appreciate it.


I have a beat up top speed. This is so fucking NICE!!! @Sender you’re killing me. I have an idea. It makes no sense for me to have a deck skinned by the master. Shipping would be a deal breaker. But @Sender, I’d be willing to give you the deck. You just pay to have it shipped. And if you’d like, make a serious badass deck outta it. Maybe donate to the community build? Is that still a thing? Or whatever. Just kills me to have it sit and collect dust when it could be made glorious once again. Pm me if you want it. @mmaner, you make too many Esk8’s. you have a nice problem bud. This build looks sick. Huge fan of the smaller motors. And that deck. JEEEEZ AWESOME BUILD. :clap::clap::clap:


Thanks my friend, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Yes please!!! I will send you a PM in a bit!


Interesting gearing ratio and KV combo. How’s the braking and acceleration? You have the same motors laying around with similar thoughts on the next build haha