Redoing Loaded Vanguard Griptape and using flat wires

Looking to regrip my Vanguard, been seeing a lot doing it but never entirely understood how to do it.

Some said you need to sand it all down apply fiberglass, some said something else and so on.

Whats the easiest way to do it and it still being good?

Also, i wanna run 2 wires, cobber flat wires. (Like Boosted)

Will just be using these 2 wires for lower amps, maximum of 30 constant what type / Size would be idea for it?

It is from battery to esc, but i will just be using it for a cheapo ebay esc with some lower W M (1500W or so)

Here, this might help

Although if you are using flat wire you might not need to make a channel in which case you won’t need the fibreglass and resin

Yeah i didnt plan on doing channels, just like Boosted i would make 2 flat holes in each side and run the flat wire over it use some tape on top and the griptape on top of that.

I’ve just read so many places that after they sand the deck down they apply a new layer of either fiberglass resin epoxy so on.

But unsure what way would be the cheapest easiest or if i even have to do that.

I don’t have experience with fibreglass but I guess if that’s what you’ve heard it’s better to be safe than sorry

There’s just a lot of different ways to do it, and I’m kinda tempted not to do anything at all.

Maybe just sand it down apply some clear lacker used for cars and let that dry with a few layers and it should, in theory, be great I think.

But if theres a reason why they do it i would love to find out.

Orbital sander til the glass grip is relatively smooth. Wash it. Then regrip with sticky paper grip

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That’s basically what I did and mine seems to hold up! I dreaded having to route a groove in my deck so I decided to try and do it like boosted does.

Check out my build thread for pics and more info. I’m on my iPotato, otherwise I’d link it here.

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I recently did saw yours and thats where i got the idea from.

How thick is the wire you used?

noob question, whats wrong with grip tape right over it? heat?

If its the original griptape your talking about, it wont grip onto it.

I mean put the flat wires on the loaded clear griptape, and then black griptape over that

The griptape wont stick to the original griptape, and if you dont tape them it will most likely move and short out the board.


It was pretty thin, around 2-4mm I’d say.

The clear griptape isnt heat resistant so if you have blowing torch or heat gun you can use it to heat it and then just scratch the griptape with spatula or something like that… But you have to make sure you dont overheat the deck because you would damage fibreglass that way…

Its not? You sure? Would be dope if it isnt.

I am quite sure :slight_smile: But if you are afraid of dmging your board, just use sandpaper :slight_smile: I have done this before, but only with normal griptape and my custom clear grip tape…

…and if you don’t like it, a sanded #2 Vanguard is literally the best indoor trampoline for kids ever devised :slight_smile:

Good hunting!

“The first thing you have to do is get the remaining spray grip off. To do that you have to sand it down until its pretty smooth. Don’t go overboard with the sanding, though; you don’t want to get down to the fiberglass. When you’re finished sanding, give it a quick cleaning with a damp rag or paper towel and let it dry. You should try to use a mask when sanding because it’s bad to breath in any of this dust. Dust in general is really harmful, especially fiberglass and urethane dust. Once it’s clean and dry you can apply grip tape. Make sure that you cut the grip tape into pieces though. If you apply a solid sheet of grip tape over the whole board, it can affect the board’s flex characteristics and make it feel dead. You can use this opportunity to make some slick grip designs, for sure!”

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What type of sandpaper should I use? What number?

Old post from when I redid the vanguard with flat wire. But sounds pretty much like what you want to do.

I just sanded down the clear grip, drilled holes for the regular wire and soldered the flat wire onto the regular wire. I used plastidip to cover the wires and then a sheet of grip tape over it. This is my girlfriends build and she’s been using it for years with no issue.

Post #26 shows when I switched to flat wire.

After messing with some left over griptape today and the deck i found out you dont need to take off the old stuff after its been used for a little while, i put on new stuff applied heat to the new tape so the glue would melt into the old stuff and its on there good now as in really good.