(reduced price) [US] Selling All Kind of Drives and Wheels, Raptor Hubs, Hummie V4, TB DD, Mad hub, popocas, purple Cag, 110s

Selling these off because I bought too many things to try out and no enough decks in the market to complete artisanal build. And basically I have found the best out there in the market.

15596419657447491310656398682270 Drives:

  • [Sold] Raptor 2.1 Hub Kit with extra baseplate (($300, OG price $580)

    • lightly used ~150miles, comes with extra sleeves
    • pros: powerful and comfortable ride
    • cons: avg urethane, inefficient
    • reason for selling - see cons
  • [SOLD] Rare Hummie V4 hubs ($450)

    • lightly used ~200miles, comes with slightly used baseplate, new Centrax wheels at the front
    • pros: best hub on the planet, wide CP, great ABEC formula urethane, 83mm wheels
    • cons: 83mm wheels, 75kv tops at 30 with 12S, no sensor
    • reason for selling - had @hummie made me custom 85kv that are superior.
  • Madhub 90mm 75 or 135 kv ($300$250)

    • barely used, experimented with them, comes with front trucks, with 4x 90mm popocas and 2x extra sleeves
    • pros: decently powerful hubs, @rey8801 Direct Drive Upgrade, cheaper
    • cons: wheel sleeve more durable than Raptor but less grip and need to break them in
    • reason for selling - i have better stuff
    • SPECIAL: bought them 135kv but I can re-terminate them to 75 kv
  • TorqueBoard Direct Drive 4WD 90KV ($1100$1000 w/ TB 110 big wheel):

    • barely used ~20 miles on one pair of drives, comes with both sets of ABEC and KEGEL adapters
    • pros: 90kv 4wd for maximum speed and torque, made by @torqueboards quality drives
    • cons: need to use them with big wheels, 107s and 110, maybe boas if you can even find them
    • reason for selling - realized I dont like big wheels also no long have a vision to use them
    • OPTIONS: you can get two front trucks from TB for $179 and split the price with someone


  • [Sold] Purple Caguamas ($50)
    • NEW
  • [Maybe] Shitty Chinese clone 83 flywheel. (Free you pay for shipping, get them out of my sight)
  • [Added to direct drive combo] TorqueBoard 110 ($100)
    • preferably sell with TB DD since they are already on them.
    • 10 miles on 2 of them

Random stuff:

  • a pair of super old Torqueboard 6374 with cut motor shaft ($100 for both)

    • need replacement shaft and better magnet glue
  • Marc’s mount with aluminum idlers and crossbar 168mm cross bar WITHOUT hanger clamp (paid $150, now $100)

    • originally planned for SR 200mm pressfit but a bit short to clear SR pivot cup



I know they Are on hold, but hopefully first in line for the hummies!

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Raptor hubs $300 [Sold]

MadHubs w/popocas $250

4WD DD with 110 $1000