Refurbish & repair old esk8s | How to upcycle & restore a Fiik Street Surfer with modern esk8 technology

Xenith looks like a great unit, however, my Street Surfer is single-motor, therefore a single TB ESC seems like the best fit, but it would be nice to get final confirmation of choice before ordering, as well as suggested programming settings.

The belt seems to be the weak link of the drive, and starting acceleration as the peak force. I would want to program for gentle start, but strong braking.

Thanks for any input on these points.

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Set everything to 100. You’ll be fine


Will order “black” as well :sunglasses:.

A tb6 is a solid choice. If you can find an old used focbox it could be cheaper but those are the only two esc’s i would personally buy. Flipsky is a hit or miss and im dont have experience with any of the other single Esc’s besides focbox. I do know torqueboards makes quality products and usually has good customer service (can be a little slow sometimes though)

tb6 it is, then, with tb remote.

Are tb6 default presets good enough?

I may ask TB to preset at 100, if not. Its going to take a learning curve to reconfigure firmware.