I start off, going downhill, and have a dog pulling. I tickle the brake just enough, to not keep accelerating. But in general, I have neutral on remote wheel, and the wheels are rotating faster than just coasting.

Is it regenning, under any other conditions, but applying brakes?

Also, I have STRONG brakes. If I only ever tease the brakes, will the actual regen be tolerable amps, given that I only apply brakes lightly? Being that I have regen set high. 60a. Also, if I was to set regen lower, and the resistive brakes more, would I heat up vesc faster?

PS, the BMS will only allow 30amps charge. Does regen get around that restriction?

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Regen current only flows to battery when braking.

The first instance of applying brake tends to be the peak regen current, then if your speed is reduced less and less regen current.

What are resistive brakes?

Is your BMS bypassed for discharge? Because that is also the path the regen current flows into the battery. It’s highly recommended to do this if you haven’t.

Otherwise your BMS can disconnect the battery and the vesc causing catastrophic events to follow. Blown hardware, no brakes. Etc.

I think those terrible things await me, if I nail the throttle and brake, with a death wish. The REAL WORLD, is, that there is less REAL WORLD strain, than an ebike esc. SURE, flipsky likes 10s, I oblige.

Are you saying, that if the bms cuts off power, then the vesc implodes?

My BMS cut off all the time on my EGLIDE. And it then just reset and worked again.

Yeah, hard power cut can be pretty catastrophic. Especially if there is a large amount of energy that needs to dissipate. Something will pop.