Regenarative Brake System BUG,Need help

Here is the Scenario rarely seen, but exist. I got my Electric Skateboard Fully charged. I live on top of mountain.

I have to do downhill from the very beginning of my ride. So, I pull the brake always, not to the end, just pull back a little, so to keep at a comfortable speed.

And then, as the Battery is fully charged already, it doesn’t allow any more energy, current. And My brake suddently stopped working at one point.

I did meet this problem, and I see no solution. Can Anyone help?

I heard about solution to this…but because you are offering chinesse rebrands on your web I dont think I want to help…I dont want to support this…sorry

its your call dude.

Seeking help on an forum, a great one by the way shows how distanced you are from the development of your board.Trying to use others knowledge for free to make a quick profit despises me, hire somebody.The solution is really not that difficult.

@kieraneboard did already say the solution to his problem at the intro of his topic :wink: The problem isnt even a bug, its just common sense…

Btw your board looks like Boosted Board, so you gotta get a lot of hate because of that.

boosted is right to seperate the cases into 2 ends. Other suppliers know nothing about soft deck and comfortable.

You are probably the first one to register on this forum just to do advertisement.

much likely. especially, when I see somemany of you spend so much money making impossible craps. 4s1p. 160A…

dont fully charge the battery, problem solved!


what the… Well first of all here is the solution to your question: “input voltage”. Rest is up to you.

But more importantly, your board looks horrendous… I can see that its parts are all sourced from AliExpress or w.e. . But even then, the actual putting together job is terrible… Why don’t you making a quality finish instead of showing pictures of some Frankenstein pieced together crap…

I’m all for new vendors and stuff but… Why would you title yourself as an engineer when you clearly don’t even know the basics. You don’t even understand how your own “product” works… ?

Honestly, this is my first rant ever on this forum and I just got triggered by your arrogance…

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Dude he is half engineer in motor controller programing, that requires some skill, didnt think his little problem with braking should be a challenge for him, that could be solved with common sense…

Well here you go Mr. Advisement “Braking downhill on a full battery charge will cause the board to lose braking capabilities since the regenerative braking will cause the battery to overcharge. When this happens, the remote will warn you by beeping, and you’ll lose your braking power. Safely come to a stop before this happens. Start by riding uphill or on flatter ground to help drain the battery and prevent this from happening.©”

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@kieraneboard you might want to tell the people who actually bought your pieced together thing that there is an issue like that. Didn’t you do any QC before “releasing” your board ?.. Might save some lives :tired_face:

And you need FCC ID License to sell the remote btw. Doubt you have that…

And I dont get why people should spend 259$ on your board when they can buy all the items at your website for 149.5$(Dual Hub, 10S2P Battery, ESC, Remote). And the board and front truck you can get for around 20$ so 170$. + charger(20$) + 20Amp BMS(20$) So <210$,

Thank you Sander for reminding me the rediculous prices I put. I revised.

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Thanks Fu, I did some homework before I started selling this high quality Meepo Board. I ride over 200 km already with this set up. There are many problems I went through, before I reached this set up.

thank you. I am considering get adaptor of 41V instead of 42V. I don’t know if this would be enough.

I did get orders somehow, I sold already over 50 boards.


I don’t think i run into this problem due to bypassing the bms. Also if you never go past max speed it shouldn’t be able to charge your battery since voltage from bemf is too low.

Thanks. I tried many times. The brake always work except when full charged. I also believe the bemf is lower than the battery volt. Yet, still the battery get charged right? Or , where did the electricity of the ac generator go?