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Regret refunding my Raptor order

Not for the reason you’re thinking of, however. I purchased the Raptor for $1534USD originally and after watching a bunch of videos, reading up in the DIY, and getting inspired by Jason’s DIY attitude, I decided to cancel my order and build one myself. I was hoping I could save my spot in line for the VESCs which I was originally told was possible, but later turned out that it could not be done. Not a huge deal I don’t mind waiting a bit longer. However…

Just got my refund and it was $120 less than what I originally paid due to exchange rates. If I had known that I probably would’ve kept my order. That could’ve been another VESC!

Anyone considering ordering/refunding international orders be warned!


Welcome to the world of international finance … It coulda worked the other way…but it usually never does

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Yikes. I requested Jason for a refund of my motors and vescs since I got a used board. I don’t think it will show in my account for a few days. I also noticed that my bank Chase charged for an international fee as well. I will give the bank a call to see if they can waive if they haven’t so. I just think that most banks are theives!

I hear ya. Luckily my Chase card has no foreign transaction fees. Unfortunately for me, I refunded at an inopportune time.