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Regular Position Mount/Reverse Position Mounts DR Combo?

I recently ordered a couple Tacon Big Foot 160’s thinking that two 6364 motors could fit onto a 180mm truck in a DR setup. Apparently that’s not gonna happen, and I don’t want to go with a DD setup. Is it frowned upon or cosmetically ugly to have a regular mounted motor and a reverse mounted motor to create a modified DR setup?

Do you mean a Dual Rear with the regular and reverse mount?
I don’t know, i think it will look odd…

I have a Dual Diagonal setup and that works for me, any reason why you don’t want to try that?
It’s a better setup with those motors going DD… You have traction on the front and the back.

I think you would be the first to do a DR with a forward and reverse mount motor bracket. But what’s wrong with being the first right? If you wait a couple of weeks I will most likely have some more clamps for randal clone 195’s and I’m going to do a small run of Surfrodz TKP clamps too! Those trucks can go to 200mm.

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@sebastiaan My plan was to have a boosted styled board with separate exposures for the batteries and esc like @dunkirk 's build. I feel like the wiring would get quite messy with a DD 2 enclosure setup.

@psychotiller I agree with @sebastiaan that it might look odd. I don’t really want to have to buy new trucks, but I guess I’ll have to if I want a symmetrical DR setup with the 160’s.

A set of the randal clone 195’s are $22 bucks and they don’t have the taper of the paris truck. My clamp is going to fit without interfering with the fins on the hanger. It will be straight without having to file the truck. Also, the randal truck has the squared shape to it where the clamp fits so you don’t have to worry about mount rotation. EVER.

@psychotiller Are the randal clones you’re referring to the same ones linked in your Twin G160/Twin VESC thread ( 10s4p 6x2" Pneumatic with Twin G160/Twin VESC)? I noticed that you have quite a bit of clearance between the motors while still using what appears to be 12mm belts and pulleys. Are the G160’s a similar length to the Big Foot 160’s?

Yup. I think 15mm belts would even work with the g160s. They max out at 10s. The tacons are 14s. And with the tacon, you’d use 9mm belts.

I have thought about an asymmetrical DR setup on my 180mm trucks, but I went with DD instead because it looked cleaner.
asymmetric DR would work quite well, but just wouldn’t look right imho

You could also use this wire mesh that they use for a modern computer supply to make the cables look tidy. That’s what i use on my build.

I’m limited on a dualesc that’s placed in the middle of my board so i have two medium length wire mech bundles going to each of the motor. You could place a VESC close to each of the motors in DD design. But i’m not sure about the length of the battery cables, they should be as short as possible, something about increased resistance ? Someone has to confirm me on that.

Don’t have a pic right now, found one on the net.