Reintech Rt 60c2 Chinese esc substitute info

Hi everyone I have just built my first cheap setup. I thought I have bought the typical chinese esc substitute but instead I received this funny red one

I have managed to get it running but I have a problem. it accelerates very slowly and when I let off the gas it builds up speed almost from the 0, so it’s nearly impossible to slow down a bit before traffic light and zip through cross roads, typically I end up rolling slowly in the middle of the cross roads… Which is kind of dangerous. it also reaches top speed of 25km/h at 36v.

How to boost the acceleration? Is It the signal from the remote (change remote for newer one), is it esc (buy another Chinese substitute, more legitimate this time)? Can I somehow modify the existing esc?

If you have some info on this controller, please also give it here Best Tomasz

Why not contact the reseller for support? Seems like a few people did not get what they paid for. I’d send it back.

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Presumably you have checked the speed switch on the remote? Don’t mean to sound obvious but sometimes its the simple things…

Yes, the problem is i haven’t recognized the wrong product from the beginning and. Had to hot glue it all over to work reliably. Now it’s done deal. On low speed its 15km/h on high speed its 25km/h

The question is: would the board accelerate faster if I changed to newest remote controller?

No it won’t, it will only accelerate faster when you increase the voltage, modded my generic Chinese ESC to 16S, all you need is swap a smd resistor for that :sunglasses:

Take a high res photo of your board where the 6S & 7S is, attach it here & i’ll guide you, hopefully its the same. In the mean time, you can also try increasing 1S at a time, no worries, it won’t blow up, the wheels will only stop spinning when the voltage gets too high. Eg. Yours is 10S, add another 18650 = 11S & so on & so forth. i think it’ll stop working when voltage is above 48 Volts.

Hi, it wasn’t that easy messing up with baterries, since I have a pretty strange setup not easy to add or remove cells.

However I bought flipsky dual and my main problem is gone. I can set the throttle curve, I think it accelerates much faster on the same setup, and most importantly it’s much safer since it accelerates instantly while cruising (that was the biggest issue with the old one, it didn’t pick up the speed when already cruising, it accelerated fine only from stop).

In my opinion reintech Rt 60c2 has all the features needed for esc for decent price, but with firmware I had its very dangerous and unrideable.

Hello. I have an Archos SK8 board, but I do not have a remote control for it. ESC is Reintech RT-60D, 7S power supply. The board does not connect to the standard 2.4GHz RC apparatures. I see NRF24L01 on the ESC. Does anyone have knowledge of how the remote control would pass with it or where on the ESC to look for a place to connect pwm?

Greetings, Mateusz


I have seen spare remotes on ebay, I don’t know if it would work with reintech though. Can’t find one right now. They come without receiver and it says on auction they work only with esc substitute like reintech and alike. Best TC

I have an onan x1 and it accelerates the same way. Almost certain it is not the remote, it is the software in the ESC to make sure that you are not thrown off by sudden acceleration.

But as you mentioned, and I agree with you, it is probably more dangerous because you cannot get going when you need to. It’s the main reason I’m using VESC, the ability to control these things.

where can i get this controller reintech rt60 c2 v1.2? on my board only one motor is working, i think i destroyed the controller riding in wet conditions, so i want to buy a new one. if i chage the motors, the other one is running, so motors are good, battery is good. BR

Hi I’m new here where did you get that board and controller because I need one? The search I did brought me here.

Ebay: esc substitute - that’s where I got it from There were different versions of it.

Hi everyone, im brand new here.

I bought a chinese eléctric sk8 with reintech 60 C2 v1.2.

It worked fine several months, but suddenly, days ago, it stops randomly. When i begin to acelerate, it stops and it turns off.

I find that i cannot connect vía Bluetooth for vesc controling, or i don’t know how to do it. Motors are ok

Any ideas for repairing this issue?


Can you post the link og the Reinteck RT-60D V1.0 i think tyst is what you got instead, I need a replacement on because mine burned. I do not know how to add photos since I am new to this site tho.

Screenshot_20211007-154241_Samsung Internet Beta

Press/click here to show photos. But that esc is pretty old. I use a Makerx esc now a days.