Relapse | BKB Tayto | Fatboy Nano Gear Drive | 10s2p 90c Graphene lipo Battery |

Alright …so after comming on to this site to build a cheaper boosted mini I got sucked into the black hole that is DIY esk8. I built my first shortdeck esk8 but it was very much a duct tape build and I was not happy after seeing what other people we’re building. So I’m finally starting my proper first build. I want to make this thread to keep me motivated to build this one properly.

So here goes my parts list. Some parts are used, hence the lower price but most are new parts. 37%20AM

This isn’t the end all be all cost, but it is most of it. We’ll see how much more expensive this gets. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have some of the parts already and the last thing to arrive will the nano gear drive which hopefully will be before the end of the year. I will keep updating this post as I make progress.

if you guys have any suggestions feel free to let me know. And lastly, I want to thank @mmaner, @Namasaki and for putting up with my noob questions and this build is inspired from what you guys have built in the past. also thanks @Skunk for the late night entertainment. lol. :joy:

i’l update below with pics as more parts arrive and this comes together. 20181114_124840 IMG_20181122_023106_845


I can see a future build that looks alot like this. Its gonna be great!

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Short deck is the next thing on my list. The tayto looks great.


how did you get the graphenes so cheap!? :joy:


Yeah $27 is a steal. :oncoming_police_car:


When they were on sale, the us warehouse was selling them for $34 while the global warehouse was selling them for $27. HK have been putting batteries on sale the whole month and I just kept checking everyday.:joy:

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I have the motor, vesc’s and wheels ready to go. Now just waiting on the deck and nano gear drive. 20181124_204624

20181124_195419 Can’t believe I got these puppies for $100.

And so the waiting game Begins. :alarm_clock::skull_and_crossbones:



A lot has changed with this build now. Im going with maytech 6365 motors instead of the TB motors. Also thanks @hyperIon1 for changing the bullet connectors for me. I really appreciate it! 20181219_145307

I also finished up wiring up my pack and then walked ooutside to see that @psychotiller enclosure was delivered. So i checked for space issues and threes just enough space for me to fit everything. 20181219_145322 20181219_014006

I got a deal on a unity i could not pass up so im going to be using that instead now. It actully worked out perfect because of the space.

I need to find shorter 10s balance cable so i can make the wiring more tidy. And everything else needed to complete this build has been shipped. Deck should be here saturday and the Fatboy nano sometime next week.

Cant f’in wait to build this puppy.


so what I thought would arrive last ended up arriving first (the fatboy nano). Unity delivery got delayed but hopefully, it should be here tomorrow along with the deck. I started to put to together the drive and boy does this drive just screem quality. Thanks @Kug3lis for this amazing drive. 20181221_233425

im planning on using Mobil Mobilux EP 111 with Lithium Thickener grease. image

if you guys have any suggestions on which other greases I should use, please let me know.


Just a tip with the balance leads. I wouldn’t just plug them in like that. Even with glue they come loose.

I found that you can easily pull the individual balance wires on the battery out of the connectors and then connect them up how you did before and add some solder to them for a permanent solution.

To get the wire out you have to push down on a little tab


Oh yeah I was worried about that and I didn’t even think of just soldering them together. Thanks a bunch!

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Super cool build coming, love those parts used :wink: Share more pic of the setup !

Enjoy it ! Good DIY :v:

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Will do man!

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You could try to make smaller jump leads in order to connect the batteries in series, whouc would allow for a cleaner installation, but that’s just a thought!

Looking forward to seeing how this comes out!

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Yeah I’m gonna mess with the working a little today. Trying to make it neater. I’ll see what I can do. Since the series connections are already soldered I don’t want to a mess with it but I’m gonna make the balance leads shorter though

i roughly put together the drive with the trucks to figure some stuff out. First of i know kugs is gonna be pissed at me for this but i did’nt want to cut the shaft of two brand new motors. So i figured out what length bolts and spacers i need. Here it goes if anyone else wants to use spacers. I used 22mm m4 bolts and 13mm spacers for my motors. 20181223_001630

my unity order and my deck were delayed cause of USPS. I just hope they don’t lose the packages. i’l add more pics soon.


Your build is scarily awesome.

I would suggest cutting the shaft and having it mounted normally. Having the pulley so far out might affect the bearing in the motor.


Good luck turning ur board and with ur brand new motors


How does it affect turning? :thinking:

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You push motors more to the center. What is in the center? And what was biggest issue with gear drives on these hangers?