Reliable 10s and 12s li-ion chargers

Hey Guys,

I have been searching the world over for a charger that will fit our battery needs. All the cheap chargers are just that CHEAP crap and fail or overcharge, undercharge the packs. I have always felt that a better charger could be found that wouldn’t break the bank. A charger that charged in a decent amount of time 5 amp and reached full charge.

Here is what I found and will have these chargers available soon on the website:

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20190422_231518 20190422_231532

we have tested this charger with all the bms units we use, the D140, D127 and D124 among a few others without fail. full aluminum case and heavy gauge wire, fuse for power in and a fuse for power out. the internals look great, no low-grade components


we have 2 choices in amps the highest being 5a and 8a anything over that will need a different connector.

prices are simple

10s and 12s chargers in 5 amp are $80 plus shipping

10s and 12s chargers in 8 amp are $110 plus shipping

the obvious choice is the 5 amp charger, but some want more so there is the option of the 8 amp.

What are your thoughts?


Sounds good to me. So tired of charging at 2a…


I have been waiting on these chargers for a few months now, they are OEM (from a different industry) but I have talked them into slight modifications for our use.

As the size and power of the battery packs grow (and they are growing) a better charger is necessary to charge them. Some of the high capacity cells take twice as long to charge.

5 amp and 8 amp are not the limit. a different connector will be needed in 10 amp and higher chargers.


This looks like the same charger yzpower sells. Does anyone know if it is? I have been us yzpower brand for a long time and havnt seen a single issue.

They sell them here.

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very similar for sure and maybe out of the same factory but under different manufacture

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I have been using a 12s 8a charger that looks like the one above. It works flawlessly and i paid about $60 a year ago

I wish it was a year ago…

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actually i lied, its not a perfect charger. it tested out to be about 7.9a when charging. so clearly its complete garbage :smile:

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so true, what is with these people?

You better call it a 7.9a charger…

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now you have me angry. im going to write a strongly worded email and demand a refund.

Do you have a 10S one that is 5A or less?

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My all-time favorite movie.

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I got a Luna advances charger they make them for 10s they are like $99 but they have the ability to adjust the amps it delivers from 1-5 amps. May be an option for way. I’m not sure if they do a bulk discount but worth a shot for a nice charger.

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Man, i love luna and their stuff, just wont sell bulk

not even the switches, bitches

4 Likes here you go. tons of 42v ones

I got a 10s 7a for 43$ on sale, and a 13s 10a for 78$ on sale

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maybe i wont write that email…


these won’t stop charging. they are the ones verzend uses

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but definitely watch Team America