Reliable 6374 motor

This is my first build and I want to go with a single motor setup on caliber II trucks. From what I have read I think 6374 190kv would be sufficient. I think I would like a sealed can if that will make a difference so it lasts longer. Can anyone make a recommendation for a reasonably priced sealed motor? It seems most of the dealers on this forum are out. What are the thoughts about this one.

C6374 high efficience brushless motor 170KV for electric skateboard longboard

If you want a sealed 6374 PM @JLabs, he’s got some great motors.

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BKB is currently out of motors. Sold out

Get the APS, I’m currently using it and I’m very satisfied

I am planning a lower profille drop through build using 80mm wheels. Would it be smarter of me to use a 5065 motor instead. Would that peovidw me more clearance? Is the difference significant?