Reliable antispark - I know 😐

Hey so I’ve had 3 antisparks blow up on me In a row all within 4 days of ussage on each, and one blew when I plugged my batt in.

By blew I mean they won’t turn off.

And yes I did use the search bar but people just get to techchinal and my brain blows up.

Not gonna name names except for 2 of em, flipsky, lunacycle

My question is just God damn fu*"kin recommend me a good antispark that’s compact godamit that won’t blow within a month, except for a loopkey.


This is the reason why people use prebuilt esc and not vesc.

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Get the one that LHB uses Fliers 300a

The Luna cycle is actually a filer 120

It didn’t blow Durning a ride but actually just sitting around

Nope seen them blow after a few months

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Can’t wait for my two unity’s to come in…

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Whats so bad about a loop key?

Eh. Nothing that bad, I just don’t have a Dremel to cut a square and I arleady have two holes in my @psychotiller enclosure.

If you have a round hole and some space you can do a door knob style loopkey but its probably more effort than filing a square hole

I want my build to look clean.

Don’t wanna use a house key to start a skateboard?

Nope not espically when I have to use a tile to find my keys and still use 20 min searching

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Oof… mornings must be rough when you’re in a hurrry

I got one for secret santa this past year and its still holding up. Not sure where its from. Maybe ask @Grozniy who my santa was.

Single 6374 on a 8s3p lipo, focbox @ 40a, 16/36 on 100mm

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Is not the cheapest but, I hope it’s the last I have to buy, at least for this build:

Is from a member of the forum, oh yes EU


Get the Fatboy. By design it should never break like the others do.

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I explained why they fail and that you probably shouldn’t use them at all right now :expressionless:

Unless you get one with a precharge circuit

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Does this failure mode apply to the fat boy too? I thought the resistor saves the mosfets?

Nope, they are one of the only put ones that have precharge.


No; they are the only one I know of that has a precharge circuit, circled here in red.


That does the same thing as the green stripe and resistor on a loop key.


does noone search?..

as150 mounted, look at my evo. it wont fail, and i won’t loose it.

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