Reliable antispark - I know 😐

Mine is still working reliably. Around 150 on off cycles so far.

Is the housing 3d printed and if so, are the stl files available?

How does it not spark when you plug it in? I couldn’t find the details on your build thread.

It is an anti spark connector


Ohhhh ok thanks! Bookmarked for the future.

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Just gonna get the sparky switch, i made the misjudgment thinking it was big, i’m not really worried bout the price, also heard the filer 300a is somewhat bulletproof too

now you have the most reliable push to start switch on the market. ignore the fact its always on and happy days.


not exactally :cold_sweat::scream::sob::sob:

Hi, sorry if this is a dumb question, but where/how do I install this. Do I essentially put them on the positive and negative cables before the ESC?