Reliable cheap esc's

So I fried a vesc the other day running FOC, not entirely sure what did (need to drain a battery down so I ran it on the bench for 8 minutes at 50% throttle), but I’m looking into a dual setup. I wanted to do hub but then realized the ol’ belt and motor would be cheaper. I’m trying to get the board to be as quiet as possible as I’m riding around campus, but adding 2 vescs is going to put a big hole in my pocket. Anyone have experiences with a dual esc setup? Or is it not possible as I don’t think I can link them together in terms of a receiver?

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I’ve heard the new Maytech Dual ESC is pretty good and you can bridge 2 for 4wd

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If your poor use this like I will :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I would also recommend using either a dual ESC like the Maytech one or using dual VESC’s. If you look on AliExpress there $109 but if you email them directly there only $73 a piece. Also if you want it to be as quite as possible dual VESC is gonna be the best followed by a dual ESC.