Reliable ESC (12s prefered)

I just got all if my board parts about a week ago and have had quite a few issues with the TB 12s esc’s. I had the first esc’s bec blow out after using the board twice. The esc still worked so i bought an external bec and hooked it up. That worked for one ride and then the OTHER esc completely died and isn’t powering the motor at all, nor being recognized by the programmer. Im experienced in electronics and went over all the components on the pcb and nothing obvious is fried and the ic is still functioning fine so idk what’s up.

Tldr; both of the esc’s i bought are garbage so im looking at geting two new ones. I’d like to run at 12s for efficiency but im wiling to go to 6s if needed. Im looking at the mamba monster 2 escs if i were to go 6s, can anyone vouche for these?

Are there any other good choices for a 12s esc?

Parts: 2x 230kv tb motor Tb v4 mount, motors, wheels, etc 2x 25c 5000mah zippy in series Loaded vanguard deck Custom abs enclosure

The VESC. Have you got a refund from @torqueboards ?

EDIT: Why are you running 230kv with 12S?

Only other 12S option would be VESC atm. Surprising this has happened. Kinda weird that has happened and I haven’t experienced that before.

If your ESC’s aren’t totally trashed as in you swapped the connectors, etc. I’ll replace it. If it happens again it might be a setup issue.

From what i understand the vesc @12s with 230kv motors would be over the erpm limit? Plus i kind of want the vesc 6.0 as i like that he controls the fets directly without the drv chip that people fry all the time.

Tb offered to replace the esc with the blown bec for $30 but then i had the other esc blow out and im reconsidering

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I am interested to know how it failed almost immediately. You can tell by the design and quality of construction that the ESC is of quality. I’ll replace both for the price + shipping. If you happen to re-consider… I’m definitely interested to know what happened. Failure rate is pretty low if not non-existent.

It will be over the ERPM limit. Why are you using 230kv with 12S? 149-170 would be way better.

Couldn’t be amp draw. I run it perfectly fine. :confused:

This is how everything was hooked up, the little black thing attached to the 9v battery is a linear regulator pumping out 5v @1A. This is the external bec i used once the integrated one blew on the first esc. Before the integrated bec blew i had it hooked up just as you recommend with only the y splitter

i ran 230kv as ive seen others go as high as 270ish? The amp draw should have been fine on the bec, i measured the amp draw of all the parts hooked to the bec and it was only 50mA total (@5V) so that was likely just a faulty part. As for why the other esc failed i have no idea, i spent two hours measuring each component on the pcb and nothing was wrong. I also found that the esc uses the si labs C8051F31x chip and did a hardware reset as the manual posted and that didnt fix it either.

@torqueboards the escs are still all together i just took off the covers to get to the pcb. The one has a blown ubec but other than that stil functions. And the other that didnt have a ubec is dead afaik. What would be the total arrangment if i were to exchange them?

@Stevemk14ebr I emailed you some details steve.

@torqueboards Thanks, ill do all that tomorrow and have them shipped out aswell if the post office is open.

Im curious though has anyone tried out the mamba monster esc’s i mentioned?

It’s the :us: 4th of July…(unless ur not in the US) Banks and post is closed…but I hear they have some great sales tomorrow! Lol

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Try Miami boards he does testing on each esc before shipping

You blew out the BEC on an ESC advertised as OPTO, meaning that it has no BEC. I must be missing some info.

@thisisrealhuman. There are 2 versions. One w/ a BEC and one that is OPTO. He had one of both. Blew out the one w/ BEC.

im my experience the @torqueboards esc without the BEC is bullet proof.

not sure about that new one though.


Same as @barajabali

I hope i have a better experience with the replacement parts then! I bought these esc’s as i heard good things too

I have also had some issues with my TB 12s esc I have one with the bec and one w/o. I Am working with TB now but nothing is helping so far,they do not operate at the same speed. If I cannot get them to work I will have to change my setup to 8s :sob: Which one did you get for a replacement? With ubec w/o ubec?

The motors are going to spin at different speeds since the controllers don’t talk to each other. As long as your controllers actually spin the motors then yours are working just fine.

I have the mamba! Do ask me anything you want, I fucked up gluing the enclosure so at the moment I can’t connect it to the pc to update settings but it’s pretty configurable, right now, I have the brake curve too aggressive maybe.