Remote battery fault ? or remote. ( 2.4Ghz 2c )

My remote won’t charge, the lights won’t come on unless I switch the remote on when plugged in. I think it’s the battery. I opened it up and it looks swollen . Can you buy them or is it better to just get a new remote ? It’s the two speed wowgo style remote.

Did you check the solder joints for the battery to the circuit board? I had the same issue.

IMG_1237 IMG_1238 Thanks I will check again just in case I missed something like that.

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your battery looks puffy. Batteries shouldn’t look puffy. Puffy battery = no bueno

You can buy them here:

Not sure about the exact size of your’s so double check to make sure. These battery are very common and easy to find. No need to buy a new remote.


That’s what I thought, puffy battery no goody . :frowning:

IMG_1301 Can’t quite make out what the details are without messing with that sticky pad, …( risky poppin)

What can cause a remote battery to puff up ? Over charging ? Cold weather ?

most likely the insulators in there failed

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Do you think this would be ok ?

Sorted, bought one from an RC shop, fitted and now lights up, connected and I am riding my hoard with a smile once more. :slightly_smiling_face::surfing_man:

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