Remote behaviour

Hi everybody!

I’m assembling my diy skate. I have a strange behaviour with my remote/motor

my remote (this one has throttle forward/reverse but it works only on one direction. This is my ESC

Here’s a video

I have done something wrong or it’s just the normal beaviour of this remote?

thanks for your answers!

maybe your esc can only forward and break? can you somehow programm the esc? maybe with a programming card etc.

i cannot program the esc. but it is a rc car esc i would expect it to have forward/reverse

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it seems exaactly what I need. I will look at it as soon as i come back home. thanks!

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Actually, you should not.

IFMAR 1/12th & 1/10th ISTC Electric On-road World Championship Rules: 3.2.5 Mechanical or Electronic Speed Controllers are allowed. Reverse facility in speed controllers is not allowed. Speed controllers may only have timed delay, current limiters and keyboard programs. These programs must only be capable of adjustment whilst the car is stationary.

well, that’s just ba rule of a competition. I’m building it just to use it in my hometown!

I was just saying that you should not take for granted that a racing car esc has reverse since it is prohibited in competition.

ah ok - i misunderstood :slight_smile:

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