Remote connection problems

Hi All,

I have the Winning remote provided by Enertion with my dual motor kit. It works fine 90% of the time but seems to have a small connection issue. There occasionally will be a delay between when I throttle and the motors spinning. Occasionally a delay when braking, and the worst is when I release the throttle, and the board continues to drive for a second or two…

It seems like other people are having issues with this remote as well. Is there a way to increase the signal to the receiver? Is there a better remote out there that is more reliable? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


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Exact same issues a bunch of people here are experiencing with this remote, including myself. I’ve tried soldering an extra antenna on the receiver and remote but it doesn’t help.

Pretty sure it’s not a weak signal issue, but a design flaw with the actual remote itself.

Has anyone tried a different type of reciver?

@Lizardking0069 has, same issue

I had the same issue riding in my home area. But this past weekend I rode about 8 miles (4 mile round trip) in another city and had ZERO drop outs. Really weird. But it is like someone said. Winning is a Russian roulette remote.

@Jinra I just received another receiver from Hobby King. Swapping that isn’t really going to fix anything since it’s lightly the remote that has issues right?

I really wish @onloop would tell us if his Nano-X, which visually looks like a reshelled Winning remote, has sorted out the issues we’ve had.

yea, like i said, lizardking tried this and still had issues, i got a gt2b receiver myself but didn’t bother trying.

I just received a winning remote direct from Winning Corp. (yes that is their actual name) Honestly, it’s BAD. Really BAD, I kid you not. I was trying to go forward (pushing it forward), and it went backward. I don’t even know how or why, but it was going BACKWARD!

It’s a shame too because the winning remote is REALLY nice, good size, good functionality, just horrible signal

I bet the throttle was installed backwards

The reciever that came with the winning remote died on me, thats why I tried the g3b reciever. I didnt really get to challenge the original’s range. With the g3b the range should be much better as it has an actual coax antenna, not a pcb element. The things I like about the controller are the formfactor and the thumb stick. However, the travel distance and the smoothness of the thumb stick are not very good. I don’t get good pushback like on the nunchuck. I may open up the winning remote to see how that can be improved. I was getting acceleration problems where I would push whole out throttle then released and the board kept going for half a second which was scary. I have the same problem with the nunchuck so it may be a vesc configuration issue. However, the lag effect is not that noticeable on the nunchuck; I really have to push up to a certain speed and let go to get the .5s lag.

Swap two of the motor wires.

But sometimes it went forwards, other times, backwards??

Nope, my 2.4ghz mini remote works, just the winning. It’s weird.

I had issues with the winning remote as well. I am using the 2.4 mini again and it is absolutely flawless teamed up with the Vesc. Once you get used to the trigger, it’s really very good for control. I have found that I get a lot more hand fatigue using a thumb control than a trigger control.

I had this problem with my own nrf24 based remote. (I think winning is also based on this chip).

Solder a 22nf cap between + and - on the nrf module on the receiver and controller and it’s much better.

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Can you show a picture of how you solved it, easier to replicate! Thanks if easy.

Is it maybe possible that the signal gets interupted by other 2.4ghz devices? (Wifi for example) Maybe these cheap controllers don’t have freqeuncy hopping capabilities and stick to one band in the 2.4ghz and there for get bad disturped signals? My Graupner does switch between 12 bands in 2.4ghz so you don’t interuped other flyers but you also pay the price for it offcourse.

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It doesn’t have a very strong signal. When it happens try to release full grip of the controller. Works for me but I’m going to change it to the bench wheel style remote suggested by @Jinra.

I had to adjust the minimum and maximum pulsewidth everytime i use it on a new vesc, but apart from that mine is bombproof, should i be worried and look at getting a more reliable… or should it be if its been ok so far

My personal use one I have not problems at all when properly charge. The one my wife uses have had some issues, but can’t determine properly because she never seems to have it properly charge.

I think the transmitter in the remote does not produce a strong enough signal, it depends on the voltage level of the battery :frowning: , following on @Tomkav not having a full grip on the remote helps with signal issues.

One more thing this remotes are working better when paired with the VESC. :wink: