Remote control design - ergonomic feedback needed

We are in the process of designing a new remote, designed to use with a glove … eg: cold weather or generally off-road.

Size would be similar to a gt2b transmitter/receiver with MadMunkey enclosure. That is, not small as many available. It would strap to the hand (outside the glove). We’d also increase the stroke length a little so it’s not so sensitive as most of the current ones require very fine motor adjustments.

Would you prefer:

A. index and middle fingers to accelerate, ring finger to brake. image002 OR

B. index, middle and ring fingers to accelerate, thumb press to brake.


All constructive input appreciated.


I think it would be better if you would use triggers instead of buttons

Thanks @Acido . The buttons would move in and out. Can you give me an example … ? The logic is that we’re trying to keep it really robust and triggers we’ve seen can break off. Particularly if you’re using a glove where you don’t have as much feel. The brake button would actually be flat / flush and pressure sensitive.

How about you make the trigger protected by remote so if it falls it wont break.

I can not really imagine the buttons having the precision as triggers

yeah. i figured that having a button is hard to tell the travel of said button as compared to a lever

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The intent would be to have the same ‘feel’ as in spring type resistance. The resistance would be in / out rather than lateral. Fully out = neutral. Squeeze to accelerate. Squeeze to brake. Feedback appreciated. It’s just not clear to me how we could make a trigger that could take a large variety of gloved finger sizes, whereas we can make a button / lever where it doesn’t matter what glove thickness is used to a large degree … thinking snow glove on the extreme end. It’s also the danger of the glove pulling across the trigger mount which could be an issue. Thanks. Cheers

thanks. intent would be to work the same. fully out = neutral. resistance on the way in.

I want to see you try a button design and be proven wrong, but I hold reservations.

If you did though I’d put the brake on top, away from the trigger. As you said, fat glove fingers (and mcdonalds fingers) might smoosh both at the same time.

@brenternet … thanks. Intent is that braking would instantly disable throttle. Throttle would disable other buttons such as change mode (fast / slow) etc. It seems to me that all fingers accelerate and thumb brakes might be more workable, but it’s been split in the feedback. Cheers.