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Remote controll question

Hi guys

So for my build im waiting on the enertion single big boy kit and VESC to arrive

meantime im shopping for betteries, charger and remote

i couldent fine the GT2B remote on hobbyking anymore but i’ve found this one

  1. you guys reckon it’ll do the job as safe as the gt2b? plus, will the receiver plug safely to the vesc or i need a voltage transformer from 32/42v to 5v ?

  2. i’m considering two battery options : 2 s6 lipo 5000mah or 2 5s 5000mah. both in series. i wanted to consult on weather should add to the series (that goes to vesc by enertion) a fuse (40-60A) or the vesc would be safe either way

I don’t know about this one, but I think hobbyking’s gt2b are clones of those flysky gt2b:

perfect to know. thx! i’ll order this one.

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USD $10

It has cruise control button?

dont know . what i heard from others elsewhere in posts , they told me its only the remote without the reciever . counter check if i’m wrong .

Does this ‘‘winning’’ remote support any kind of cruise control?

I don’t think so. The one I bought from tourqueboard looks the same and they said no cruise

Too bad. I like the design…

Ok, thanks.

Nunchuck is the only one with cruise control?