Remote controller frustrations!

Sorry guys but MAN! I’m super new to diy but I’ve fell in love with it… and I’m sooo frustrated that there is many remote control options out and it’s as if most of them have disconnection issues… I mean, I don’t understand how these companies don’t care about us… it’s super dangerous to have a remote controller that does not work properly… this is so crazy to me… Known major companies with known remote issues… I’d like to possibly sell a couple boards and I do not feel comfortable at all selling a board that I know the remote is not stable and I will NOT do it…

I purchased the nano-x and was having some issues with it (they are sending me a replacement) SO far it has not disconnected on me while on the board… so that is a positive so far… but sometimes it won’t connect… one time the forward and reverse switched… and when first powering on the remote for the first few accelerations and brakes it is extreamlly hard… like throw you off hard… but then it seems to calibrates itself to my bldc settings after a few brake attempts… so I have to brake at first before I can ride off… also the charging is weird… im getting the issues others are having when not seeing red flashing while charging so I have to charge it powered on…

tried 2 of the latest maytech remotes and they will drop while acceleration… super random which is weird… and one time one of the remotes completely shut off on me… luckily I was going slow and was able to jump off… I just don’t get it…

I just ordered the mini rc remote… I’ve read that thing is spot on but I really wanted a thumb remote…

I really like the nano x because it hasn’t disconnected while riding it… but don’t feel safe from the things it’s done so far… hopefully the replacement fixes it…

I like the maytech because of the travel distance with the thumb but can not figure out why it keeps dropping out like that

I just wish people would care enough about us and not sell anything till it’s working correctly

Sorry for venting guys… just really love this new found hobby and don’t like not being able to feel safe while trying to enjoy it… and then seeing these companies making all this money and not really caring about us enough to sell us a reliable product… I mean… where is the concern for people…

Sorry for venting guys… hope everyone is safe

So with your nano X remote. First power on the remote. Then go full throttle then full brake. Make sure it’s on fast mode or whatever it says. The toggle on the remote. I don’t have mine in front of me. You have to do this every time you power on the remote. Then power on the board. See if that helps. It should get rid of the jerky start and brake. You didn’t calibrate I think and that’s what causes that.

Also I’ve been through three nano X remotes. None of the red lights worked. One doesn’t charge and one I fixed the battery. However while they are connected to the board no issues…

I also have a mini remote that works great. Minus the fact it’s super easy to bump the trigger and make your board go fast somewhere u don’t want it sometimes.


yeah your talking about r-spec mode… yeah I calibrated it in rspec mode… so when I toggle it to slow mode if I let a beginner try it it cuts the pulse width so its not as powerful… but today I was playing with it and I noticed that when I powered the remote off and back on it would be super jerky for the first few brakes and accelerations… even in slow mode it would do it… but if I left the remote on and just powered the board on and off it wouldn’t change for the first few accelerations/brakes… so I know its the remote

Turn on the remote. Move the throttle to full, then full brake ,do this a couple times. Then power on the board. :slight_smile: This calibrates the pot to send the proper PPM


Yeah I think having to calibrate the nano x is annoying and the limited throttle travel is meh, but i need to have a usb recharge on my controllers now. It’s a requirement of mine as I’m done messing with AA and AAA batteries (yes i had rechargeables). So i have a Maytech (newer one) and I heard it’s the same internally as the nano x, but like you said the thumb travel is better


Basically every time the remote turns off you need to do this


Oh I didn’t know I had to do it every time I turned the remote on… I thought because I set it up on the bldc tool… it saves it


No. Every time the remote calibrates the potentiometer because temperature changes pot Voltages. So the remote will be calibrated every power on so the proper pulse width is matched to the voltage range of the pot at its standing temperature…

The remote was designed like this because pots are cheap and shitty. If the remotes used hall sensors you wouldn’t need to do this. But Pots change based on ambient temperature… so…


does your maytech remote sometimes do a slight cut in power when acceleration on you ever? or ever cut off on you?

But the ultimate answer/solution I was getting to is the BENCHWHEEL remote. It is my personal favorite, and I have the mini, nano, nano x, benchwheel, modded gt2b (forgot that one is almost as good as the benchwheel), IR metroboard, etc. Also I love having speed modes as the nano x, maytech, benchwheel all have. The slow speed modes are great for saving battery, letting others try it out, and just generally cruising around without having to worry about aggressive acceleration or braking

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Haven’t experienced this yet. I’m using it with a 12s4p torqueboards battery and focboxes with Carvons and the only annoying thing about the Maytech remote is it stays powered on after charging, which is weird.

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ahh didn’t know that… ok well I guess thats not as bad… it didn’t feel safe at first with that huge jerk… and then in the back of my mind im hoping it dosent lock up on me while braking later on the ride

One of the things you can do if you power on and don’t wanna power cycle to calibrate… @Danny414

Pick up your rear wheels or motor powered wheels and hit full throttle and full brake a couple times, put the board back on the ground and go ride :slight_smile:

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I’ve done this quite a few times. I’ve also let a charged remote run all day. So now I just leave the remote on.

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I’ll look into the benchwheel… your lucky the the maytech isn’t giving you the disconnection issue… scratching my head big time… I was thinking maybe my power button was somehow sending out some signal interference… here is how the inside of my board is setup

well this is with the nano-x but im trying to place the maytech receiver all over the place as far away from everything that might do a signal interference… I don’t even know if anything will since its suppose to be radio


I’ll try those things tomorrow morning! Thanks man!

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You’re scaring me now. I’m going to switch to my benchweel on my carvon ride.

lol bro I’ve been trying to have fun but in the back of my mind im like please don’t get hurt! I really said a prayer before I left this morning… I just did this… I noticed when the receiver was on this side of the focbox, that was the only ride it didn’t cut out on me… I also zipped the male/female together

Honestly I’ve been pretty lucky in general with remotes (knock knock). I’ve just narrowed my two to three essential features being decent throttle/brake travel, usb rechargeable, and multiple speed modes. I’m a simple man in some ways, I don’t even care between thumb and trigger really

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That’s all I want… is no disconnection issues and thumb remote… I THINK I figured it out… after reading a lot I think it’s interference… so I think putting the receiver as far away from anything sending out power or what ever… so I did this

well see tomorrow… if not the nano x shouldn’t be that bad once I get the replacement… just wish I didn’t have to re-program it in a seance every time I power it on… I wish I was super rich. I’d start selling board that do what there suppose too